3 September 2015
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Company: IT IS AG
we create worlds on the web
Address: P.O. BOX 31 41
84037 Landshut
Phone: 0049 8703 9069 0
Fax: 0049 8703 9069 200
E-mail: contact@itis.de
Website: www.itis.de

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Products: IT IS active 2013 for NAV - Build strong networks between the staff, and business partners and vendors to run your business with more efficiency. IT IS active 2013 is your foundation to create beautiful intranet as well as extranet portals with Microsoft SharePoint combined with business data from Dynamics NAV/AX. Benefit from rich functionality such as Matrix web parts for financial accounting and time entries, fault tolerant and combined SharePoint search and global search from NAV, SharePoint libraries with NAV contents automatically document creation with information from NAV and much more functionality. IT IS active is more than just a view trough the tunnel.

IT IS intranet solutions
You can use those solutions as extension for IT IS active 2013. The IT IS intranet solutions offer a portal creation in just a few days for 12 different departments in your company. Now you have a intranet portal with the advantages of both: Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. At the moment we have 12 solutions out of the box ready: purchase order processing, customers and sales order management, work time booking on projects, employee administration and enterprise figures are included as well as a claim for travel expenses, leave planning, training, finance, projects, warehouse and service.

IT IS tablet solutions
Not only in the office, but especially on your business trip you like to be well-informed about all important data. The IT IS Tablet Solutions help you to plan, structure and follow up your day, as your personal data is combined with business data from various sources, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint. Six logical areas divide the solution into different parts: for example, you can use the element planning for the preparation of your next days. Calls, visits, and webcasts are for the direct activity with your counterpart. To wrap up, you may look into orders including quotes and invoices. Actual results of your sales activity can be seen in the charts section.

IT IS mobile (former: IT IS mobiligence)
IT IS mobile is an extremely flexible solution for ERP off-line access. Business data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV are now available everywhere, so you always have the actual customer data, product descriptions and inventory with you. Especially the field sales team will benefit from this solution as they can modify all data while being on the road. Back in the office or back online a simple synchronization task updates the central information at the NAV back-end system.

IT IS web 2013 for NAV (former: IT IS activigence web extensions)
This solution provides the benefits of a complete internet portal and web store directly integrated in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX. With IT IS web 2013 you are able to configure your online store solution yourself without programming or expensive custom development. With the actual version IT IS web 2013 we support you with useful functions and possibility to design the store or portal solution the way you like to. Use the automatically site creation to update all store items internal the complete catalog structure.

IT IS connect 2013 - Use this solution as your prime choice for EDI. You can build up document structures and workflows for documents in a portal with intuitive usage. With IT IS connect you are able to exchange various document types between different business Systems. Here are some examples: and XML invoice between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SAP or a purchase order between NAV and AX, and many more other documents. Furthermore, the solution is inexpensive, because the flat rate does not depend on the number of transmissions.

IT IS mail 2013
will simplify your daily business communication, because now you will have a solution which supports you with sending e-mails directly out of NAV. Whether it is a Quote you want to sent to your customer as PDF or newsletters to all your segmented contacts or asking for quotes from different vendors all that is done out of your NAV system.

IT IS control 2013 (former: IT IS activigence application server for manager)
reduces license costs by managing several NAS (Navision Application Server) side by side that you can balance the load between NAS in a pool. In addition, this application checks if a NAS runs and if not it will start the NAS automatically. One NAS can serve various companies and databases and task scheduling is easily done with IT IS control 2013. Those and more functions improve stability, manageability, and performance of the overall application.

Please learn more at: http://itis.de/products.aspx
Services: As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner we support you with our software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX. Furthermore IT IS consult, develop and integrate with its partners SharePoint based Portals, E-Commerce projects, BizTalk projects. In Addition IT security, hardware sizing and cloud services are fully in our field of business. We would appreciate to help with our services.

Please learn more at: http://itis.de/solutions.aspx
Info: The IT IS Group is a leading producer of high-quality and sophisticated software products and business solutions for intranets, extranets and B2B communication. With offices in Europe, the U.S.A. and India we support the more than 60 IT IS Software Partners world-wide. Our partners can count on experienced consultants, knowledgeable support and extensive trainings around the globe. We would appreciate to hear from you.

Please learn more at: http://itis.de
Employee size: 50
CompanyID 1600 Record created: 12/07/2004
Last modified: 16/10/2013

No. Views: 6201
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16/10/2013IT IS web 2013 eBay feature
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Product information
 Completely integrated, one stop web solution for Dynamics NAV for B2B and B2C
IT IS web 20011 for NAV provides all advantages of Microsoft Dynamics within an easy to customize, complete and cost-effective 2.0 web content management system. ...
 IT IS active 2010 for AX (SP2)
Be it sports or business, you only score big if your team plays in tune together. Information and communication must be in harmony with each other. ...
 IT IS active 2010 for NAV (SP2)
Build strong teams between employees, business partners and vendors to optimize your your daily business with more efficiency. ...
 IT IS activigence web extensions
With IT IS activigence web extensions you get a free configurable web interface out of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to design shops, ...
 IT IS connect 2011 (EDI)
IT IS connect is a complete, expandable and XML based communication system for the digital interchange of data. ...
 IT IS control 2011 (NAS optimization)
This tool greatly enhances the handling and functionality of the Navision Application Server (NAS). ...
 IT IS mail 2012
Your staff will love their new opportunities for easy outbound business communication. ...

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