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Downgrade 2009 sp1 objects into 5.x or older databases

9th April 2010

Most of modification I do, I try to reuse them in other projects. I have built this generic integration objects that can be used in 80 % of the integration scenarios that NAV integrates with other systems. I’ve built it in 2009 sp1 and one of our clients was running on 5.0. As you probably know, loading fob from 2009 into older version is not possible. It crashes older NAV clients. The workaround is to export them from 2009 as text and then removing 2009 specific areas out of the text file and then importing them into 5.0 or older executables. I’m sure many partners and VARS are in same scenarios. They do their development on latest version of NAV and back port it to older version if required.
I’ve built this tool that takes a text file and automatically removes 2009 sp1 properties and allows it to import the text file into 5.0 or older version.
Downgrade NAV objects

I have testing this all nav standard objects by loading them from 2009 into 5.0 sp1.
Remember you do not need to the tool for forms, dataports, and codeunits. This works for tables and xmlports and reports.

Here is the link.

10 Responses to “Downgrade 2009 sp1 objects into 5.x or older databases”

  1. guidorobben Says:

    It it possible to import fobs from 6 into 5.01 build 27191. If you compile the files after import, the fob works.

    Also, there is a problem with importing text files into Navision. The permission you have added to 2000000000 tables are gone.

  2. ara3n Says:

    That’s great news. I haven’t tried it though.
    What is table 2000000000? Are you referring to Permission table 2000000005?

  3. guidorobben Says:

    I mean the permissions you can add to a object to make indirect rights work

    The tables are:
    2000000002 - User
    2000000003 - Mmember Of

  4. ara3n Says:

    I have not added any permission to 20000000xx range.
    when importing text, you still have the same licensing permissions.
    Maybe you need to clarify the issue with importing text file.

  5. guidorobben Says:

    I guess there’s a mix-up. I was not mentioning a bug in your software. I was just pointing out a problem that occurs when you import text files.

  6. David Says:

    Thanks for this tool - its great - it was driving me mad cutting out all of the extras in 6.01!!!

  7. Andwian Says:

    Nice tool! Thank you.

  8. oala » Blog Archive » Tools for Downgrade NAV 2009 object into an older version Says:

    […] There is a good link to Tool for downgrade NAV 2009 SP1 objects into NAV 5.x or older version:http://mibuso.com/blogs/ara3n/2010/04/09/downgrade-2009-sp1-objects-into-5x-or-older-databases […]

  9. Marcus G Says:

    Will there be an update to 2009 R2? :)

  10. ara3n Says:

    It should work with 2009 R2 as well. Are you running into any issues?

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