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Compressing Warehouse Entry in Dynamics NAV 2013

3rd July 2012

My last blog was about how to improve performance if you are NAV warehouse system. In my solution I used a sql script that summarizes the warehouse Entry table by Item,Variant,zone,bin,lot,serial,UOM and inserts the data into a new 50K range table and then a nav processing reports deletes all the warehouse entry and inserts the summarized entries into warehouse entry. In NAV 2013, MS has proved a new object type Query for C/Side Developers. You can use this object to do fast retrieval of data from SQL and let sql server to do some of the processing and calculation. I’ve rebuilt the solution in NAV 2013 using query and a CodeUnit. This makes the solution much easier to schedule nightly to run and have an optimized fast database with warehouse system.

Here is a screenshot of the query object for summarize warehouse entry.

Query Object

And here is the Codeunit.

Query CodeUnit

Attached are the objects

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