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NAV TechDays Incoming!

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Hi everyone,

Long time no see, I’m sorry.

The problem is that I am (and I willbe) very busy until…….February 2012 ( O.o ) for a BIG BIG go-live…i know i should be more active as an “MVP” but i can’t work during spare time, because i’m already overwhelmed during the day…I have to have my brain “breathe” :)

That said, we should be happy to have so much work!

Now, that i told you that i’m very busy, I’ll tell you that I’ll be having 2-3 days out of office to go to Belgium at the NAV Tech Days !!! Yes, I have to admit it’s a bit contradictory :-P

I’m so excited to meet so much experts personally, and honestly…take a look at the title of topics and the name of relators…how can a NAV developer even miss it?!?!!?

I hope to meet a lot mibuso members (but not only them) there, to have a chat!

See you soon! (I’m slowly preparing “nav hotfixer” winform, it will be my next article, i hope)