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Action Image Library.PDF(!!!!!)

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Finally…phew…I finally finished this TEDIOUS work: i finally made a pdf with the list of all the pictures allowed in NAV, and, more importantly, the file is text-searchable!!! (instead of this, which is a big, unsearchable image)

Inspired by the many compliants in that link, i thought that this file can by time saving for me and anyone else, at the small cost of 2 hours of my life (No junior programmers have been harmed in creating this file :) , I swear it)

I hope it doesn’t already exist somewhere else ;(

Like every tedious and repetitive work, there can be some typo errors or missing words/images: I didn’t have the necessary patience to double check it, but this ugly formatted pdf file should do the work quite well for me and you. I have not attached the source file that i created to generate the pdf, because i’d like you to post here (or with a pm in mibuso) if you find some error in the file. In this way we can have a common and updated pdf file. When all the typos will be corrected I will be able to release the word file, if you want it ;)

I’m counting on you, guys!

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: it appears that the pdf crashes FF4 browser. I’ll upload a zipped version whenever i can, sorry

Action Library Images