How to Shut down and Restart Windows 8 using only the keyboard

Update June 26 2013: In Windows 8.1 just hit WINDOWS+X+U+U to Shut down your computer. Thanks Microsoft for making this easier in Windows 8.1


I know this tip is not Dynamics NAV related but ever since I upgraded to Windows 8, the only thing that has really been a pain for me, is that I could not Shut Down the computer without using the mouse. Finally I found the solution, so here it is:

Press WINDOWS+M and then press ATL+F4

You will then get this option:


This works both from within Metro UI and normal Desktop.

Finally I’m happy with Windows 8 and it has been a puzzle to me why the Power Button is so well hidden in Windows 8, but just like RDLC reports things are easy to do when you know which buttons to press. Maybe the engineers building Report Designer in Visual Studio are the designers behind the Power Button in Windows 8 as well. I would not be surprised if that was the case Smile

BTW, If you are using Remote Desktop to Windows Server 2012, the same above options work and you get this this option:


Here you even have the option to uncheck “Planned” if you did not plan to close down the computer SmileAnd you need to write a comment why you are shutting down the computer before the “OK” button is available. We have support for 511 characters in this textbox, so don’t be shy explaining why you want to shut down the computer.

/Thanks, Claus Lundstrøm, &

3 Responses to “How to Shut down and Restart Windows 8 using only the keyboard”

  1. Hi Clausl,

    or Win+D and Alt+F4

    and my another secret favourite is Win+B which is jump to Notificaton Area (aka System Tray)

  2. Win+D does not consistently work. If you have application open on Desktop, ALT+F4 will close this and not Windows itself. Win+M works all the time. :-)

    /Claus Lundstrøm

  3. Thanks for sharing, I even skimmed a book before using Windows 8, getting to know the touch interface, but even still I could\’nt shut down the computer.

    CTRL, ALT, DEL was my option the first 2 times around :)

    One wonders, Microsoft…

    (I like the RDLC analogy :) )

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