Convergence 2014 Session now available on demand

Did you not attend Convergence 2014 a few weeks ago, or do you want to see the presentations once again. View the Convergence 2014 sessions here:
You need to click the “Register Now!” to get into the goodies.

/Thanks, Claus Lundstrøm, MVP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV &

How to Shut down and Restart Windows 8 using only the keyboard

Update June 26 2013: In Windows 8.1 just hit WINDOWS+X+U+U to Shut down your computer. Thanks Microsoft for making this easier in Windows 8.1
I know this tip is not Dynamics NAV related but ever since I upgraded to Windows 8, the only thing that has really been a pain for me, is that I could […]

Reporting Training

Reporting training in Atlanta is being filled up rapidly, and only a few seats left.
Read more here:
You even get my e-mail at this link :-), so if you are interested in Report training and cannot make it to Atlanta, you are welcome to write me an e-mail.
Stay tuned, I have 5 reporting tips and tricks […]

MVP Achievement unlocked

Today I unlocked a new Achievement by becoming MVP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Being at Microsoft for many years I have always admired the Dynamics NAV MVP’s for their dedication and knowledge about the product, and their willingness to share and help others, so now I actually feel quite humble becoming a MVP myself. 

Thanks, Claus […]

You found me

When I started my new blog a few days ago, I was concerned that you guys would not be able find my blog. There are so many NAV blogs out there and finding them all can be challenging. But in 3 days with my first blog post live I can conclude that you did not […]

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