NAV 2013 RDLC class

Just got back from Claus Lundstrom’s RDLC class. I learned a lot of interesting tips and techniques. Overall NAV 2013 report development is a huge improvement over NAV 2009 R2, but there are a few gotchas in Visual Studio 2010 that work differently from VS 2008 and take a little more work.

One example of this is repeat report headers. The obvious place no longer works, and your new pages do not have headers. Instead you have to bring up the advanced mode in the groups area of the layout. I discovered this by search for it in google under Visual Studio. Since this is Visual Studio, you can search under NAV or Visual Studio for your answers. Claus covered this topic as well in his class.

There were many other things I had never thought of. I do not want to give away his class for free, so I will just add, that the knowledge he shared, will make all the attendees much more productive.

I hope Claus won’t mind if I mention one simple trick. As long as you keep the report layout up, you can undo your changes all the way back to the beginning of your report layout session.

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