local SQLServer 2005 with Windows Authentication

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of problems on my local computer to have Navision connect to a SQL2005 with Windows Authentication when my computer is not in the domain. It takes a lot of time for the login and in the end I generally an error : —————————
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
The following ODBC error occurred:

Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired
State ID: HYT00


I finally found a method to avoid it!

Instead of using the name, I use to connect. And after a few seconds I am in Navision!

This method works (at least for me) in case you have a default installation (not a named instance). I don’t know what to do in case of named instances.

I think it is worth to check the “SQL Server Configuration Manager”. Then “SQL Server Network Configuration”=>”Protocols for MSSQLSERVER”. Doubleclick on “TCP/IP” (it needs to be enabled) in the right pane. A new window opens, go to tab “IP Addresses”. I think you can use any TCP/IP address that is enabled in there to connect to your DB.

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  1. I am having the same error as above.
    However, I noticed that I don’t get the error when I log in as Administrator.

    As a workaround, I run the Nav Classic Client/RTC Client “As Administrator”

    It works!

    Right-Click the Shortcut and Select “Run as Administrator”

  2. By the way, I am running it on SQL 2008

  3. Thanks, although this is an old post it helped me. Easy solution: using ip instead of computername.

  4. ERROR: [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] Timeout expired state ID: HYT00

    This is an error which occurs when users try to run Navision when they have logged in with their user names, and they cannot therefore use Navision unless the log on with administrator. Iam using SQL server 2005, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic with Microsoft SQL Server.

    Iam using a domain where the Navision and SQL server is installed in Server 2008 Entreprise while the Domain controller is in 2003 server.

    Please assist.

    Kirui - Kenya

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