My endnote on Directions EMEA 2009

The hotel was nice. Better than in Paris. Most of us there had a room where you had to walk a long way to reach it dealing with a labyrinth of hallways to reach the room. This hotel was a lot easier to navigate.
The only problem I found was to get some electricity in the […]

Lunch and closing

Yesterday Gerdien Cammeraat told me there that my blog would be mentioned in the endnote. And of course I missed it because I was still in the lab. I asked her what was told on it. And she told me that the speaker told that the event was being blogged and that others should take […]

Hands on lab, Nav 2009: Upgrading and Transformation by Olga Mulvad, Brett Johnson

This is the first time (ok, this is the second year Directions EMEA is organized) they organized a ’serial’ session that is continued after the pause.
There were quite a lot of people and most haven’t really worked with the transformation tool (neither did I ). If the session took 3 session-hours, it would have […]

Keynotes 3:AMR research by Nigel Montgomery

I would say there are less people than on the other keynotes. How would that come?
Well, some have already left for home. Some are visiting Barcelona (La rambla, Sagrada Famiglia,…) and some have a headache (confirmed by the speaker!). There is a lot to see in Barcelona but you need good weather (I don’t know […]

Theme dinner at the FC Barcelona Stadium Camp Nou

Well, I skipped this one. But I did have some info on it.
In busses they went to the stadium. There they had a tour in the stadium.
There should have been a match, but it has been cancelled.
After the tour the went to eat in the VIP-lounge (if I understood [and remember] correctly).
And then back to […]

Mibuso conference

Well, if Convergence EMEA 2009 is cancelled, you can come to the Mibuso conference ( on 14 May 2009. Microsoft wants to substitute Convergence EMEA 2009 with local events. And this is a local event and Microsoft is sponsoring it.
One of the speakers is Michael Nielsen, a former Navision a/s employee Number 5, and […]

Introducing SaaSplaza

Why go into SaaS

Strong growing demand
TCO is predictable, visible, flexible and … Lower
Risk is reduced to the minimum
Sales cycles are down
Margin contribution is healthy

Who is SaaSplaza

1 million end-users in 55 […]

Developing a certified add on by Eric Wauters, Gerdien Cammeraat

Gerdien started with asking MS to get an object range for the add on, then Erik took over and we got really technical. And once his add on was ready, Gerdien took over again to finish the administration part with MS.
Before development

Registered partner
Solution provider agreement […]

Upgrading reports from 5.0 to NAV 2009 by Dmitry Chadaev

Creating a complex report: most time goes in layout and coding. The transformation tool flattens all the dataitems of a report. E.g. an invoice with a dataitem for the header, a dataitem for the lines and a dataitem for the […]

Agiles workflow by Michael Rosenorn and Mandy Dore

What is Agiles workflow effect

All process in one solution
Better control
Getting it right
Employee productivity

Design concepts

Simple yet powerful
A solution for all
Partner friendly (few changed objects)

E.g. Create item => automatic trigger => workflow for items (master data)

=> examine base data (who […]

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