Filter all records with a value of at least 5 chars

How do you filter that?
It is not so difficult. But I did surprise some colleagues with it. Colleagues that have some (also a lot) of experience with NAV.
The filter : ‘??????*’
What does the filter mean?
Well. Each ‘?’ Stands for EXACTLY 1 char. It doesn’t matter which char. So I put 6 ‘?’ to have records […]

NAV2009 R2 Compile and save

There is something interesting with R2 that is very useful.
We have a customer where we use webservices and we wanted to send a routine that takes some hours to finish to be run in webservices so the NAS has not do it and the NAS does not wait for the end of the routine. So […]

Review:Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration written by Sharan Oberoi and Amit Sachdev

If you need to do something that smells like administrating NAV and you have little experience, this book is a very good start. Instead of searching through (and inside) all the pdf’s on the installation CD or googling/binging/yahooing blogs/white papers/articles all over the internet, you have all the basic information TOGETHER(!) in 1 book!
It won’t […]

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