NAV Techdays 2012

Well, first we didn’t plan a NAV Techdays 2012. We planned it for 2013. But here it is: NAV Techdays 2012.

I have good news and bad news about the sessions!

I’ll start with the good news: FULL (almost) of Dynamics NAV 7 …. erm… Dynamics NAV 2013 sessions!

The bad: guaranteed headache to choose the sessions you want to follow (at least if you are not able to be in 2 places at the same time…).

Here is a list of NAV 2013 sessions (copied from

  • NAV on Azure (NAV deployment, Click once, administration, creating solutions, upgrade, new authentication model)
    Christian Heide, Kamil Koclega, Jens Møller-Pedersen
  • What’s new for dataaccess: ODATA, Query, Security filtering etc.
    Claus Jakobsen, Bardur Knudsen
  • Web client, NAV portal framework and application
    Kim Carrock Kobberø, Lukasz Zoglowek, Oleg Romashkov
  • What’s new in Reporting
    Torben Meyhoff, Gaurav Roy
  • New server capabilities: RTC NAS & Job queue, NAV Server admin tools & scripts, unicode, 64-bit
    Uffe Kjall, Bardur Knudsen
  • Scrum introduction (and how it’s used by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team)
    Mogens Nielsen, Jens Møller-Pedersen
  • What is new in RTC (Filter variables,Grouping and Grid layout)
    Thomas Vestergaard, Mogens Nielsen
  • C/AL coding for performance (SETAUTOCALCFIELDS, Query, Dimensions refactoring, Locking improvements)
    Jesper Falkebo, Bardur Knudsen, Lars Hammer
  • Working efficiently with C/AL (New debugger, Page testability, How to write good C/AL Unit Tests)
    Soumya Dutta, Elly Nkya

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