NAV 2013 Windows Logins

I have been playing around a little with the different login types because (as usual) I want to do something abnormal unusual.

What do I want to do?

I have a Virtual Machine in which SQL Server 2012 is humming and also the Dynamics NAV server. This VM is NOT in any domain.

But I want to run the NAV client also from my physical machine that is in a domain.

For the moment I am using Windows logins. (Remember that if you want to run other login-types, you need to install a newer NAV Server using that other login-type).

So I installed a server for each of the other logins.I am using Service Tier Administration Tool for this (BTW: great job!)

Running the client in the VM using the Windows login NAV Server just connects and I can work in the RTC.

Then I ran the NAV client on my physical machine. I wanted to know what would happen if I connected to the Windows login NAV Server. Not being in the same domain, I expected some error.

So I put in the link and to my surprise I got a login screen. I just put in the windows login I am using in the VM and to my even bigger surprise, I could work in it!

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