“BLOB Reference”.EXPORT in servicetier

Question 1:

What happens if you compile these 3 commands and you are using the servicetier?

Object.”BLOB Reference”.EXPORT(‘c:\xx\y.txt’);

Object.”BLOB Reference”.EXPORT(‘c:\xx\y.txt’,FALSE);

Object.”BLOB Reference”.EXPORT(‘c:\xx\y.txt’,TRUE);

Answer 1:

You get this warning twice: “Function ‘EXPORT’ is obsolete for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.”

Question 2 (Surprised): Twice? Why not three times?

Answer 2: The first line (without the second parameter) does NOT generate the warning! And when running it on the servicetier, it works!

Question 3 (Even more surprised): I tried it and I don’t get ANY warning. Even worse. When I run it, I get “The EXPORT() method is obsolete.”

Answer 3: Question 1 and 2 were done on NAV2009R2 and now you are on NAV2013! But without the second parameter, it still works. But a warning would still be useful while compiling.

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