Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (bis)

I already blogged about the book I was going to read.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but I didn’t want to wait to write a review. Finishing the book will take me some more weeks because I am not reading it full time (lack of time) but I read it on my smartphone whenever I have some minutes to spare.

How does the book read? To be honest, it is quite boring (it is a technical book after all) … if you make the same mistake as I am doing: reading it as I do when you have some time to spare.

So, how do you need to read it? You should be behind your computer with NAV2013 installed (preferably with a developer-license) and while reading it, you should dirty your hands following the books’ hands-on project used to explain the various parts and also doing other experiments as they come to mind. If you are an experienced C/AL developer, you might also skip the books’ hands-on project and definitely(!) do some experimenting when something comes to mind.

Like I said, reading it in the way I do is not the best way, but still there are some things for me to learn (even with over 10 years of C/AL experience) and also some things I bookmarked because I like experimenting with new things!

In short: A must for people who want to start programming in C/AL in NAV2013. But don’t make the mistake to read the book as I do. You need to dirty your hands while reading it. And also don’t think to finish it in a short time (even if you read it as I do)! And also a must for veteran C/AL programmers. You will definitely find something new to learn!

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