NAV TECHDAYS 2013: what are the interesting sessions to follow?

Why did I want to write this? So you don’t lose time selecting the sessions yourself.

Here is my list:


Got you, didn’t I? Open-mouthed smile

Why this joke on you?

Well, just to introduce you to an app that can be found on WP, Windows 8, Android, and Iphone: Eventboard.

With this app you can easily see information on all the sessions, speakers, labs, sponsors, conference location map, conference website.

It also shows the tweets about NAV TECHDAYS and it gives you a message when something has been updated.

You can also select your favourite sessions and then show only those (select “My Sessions”). Noting the sessions as favourite is easy: just click the heart near the name of it. A lot more difficult is selecting your favourite sessions, but to help you doing it, we tried to put the sessions in a way each time-slot has sessions/lab targeted to a public with different interests.

You just have to download and install it and you search for NAV TECHDAYS and select it.


Important : In the app-settings, put the toggle “use demo system” to off! It took me a while to find out why it didn’t seem to work well Embarrassed smile!

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