Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 Programming Cookbook bis

The book starts with an overview of the different datatypes and examples on how to use them.

Then we go to the basic statements like IF, FOR, WHILE, functions, parameters. When I started with NAV, I never found good info on how to use those. It was a trial-and-error experience. With this book, this is a lot better.

After the basics of any language, we go to the real NAV-subjects. Designing and working with tables, records, flowfields, queries to the different kind of Pages, designing reports (not really in depth because this would be a subject needs book in itself).

And after writing some bugs, of course we need something to debug them.

We go to roles & security (maybe to block someone from putting bugs in…).

Once, Navision was a pretty closed system, but now this is not the case anymore. We have Office, some OS interaction, XML-ports, webservices.

We also do some diving into Visual Studio to program some C# and also in SQL Server Management Studio to do some SQL things and see how SIFT works behind the scenes.

And for finishing we get an overview of NAV server administration, something that was missing in NAV2009.

In short, the book is targeted to the beginning C/AL programmers. But also classic-NAV veterans can get some help from it when they start investigating the new thingies in NAV2013 like Queries, reports (if you skipped RDLC-reports in 2009 like me) or the management tools for the service tier.

But that does not mean the NAV-veterans can’t find anything. While I was reading it, I found a lot of recipes that can be used in real-life (and a lot of them I have already written in the past, and a few I will copy from the book and adapt them to my liking).

I do have one negative remark about the examples in the book. Most examples use automation and not .NET (where DLL’s are used). Considering that automation does not work in the service tier (It DOES work when run on the client!) and you need .NET for it, I would have expected .NET in those examples.

But don’t let this negative remark stop you from buying Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 Programming Cookbook. After all, it is a good book to start with C/AL development and have some overview and some recipes of all technical parts in NAV.

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