Review:Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

After reading also the other “Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV…”, I was curious about the latest one in the series.
Even if the book is for people starting programming in NAV and I having lots of experience with Navision/NAV (started in 1999), each time I read one of the books I find some things I didn’t know […]

Review:Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design written by Mark Brummel

Maybe you remember Marks book “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Design”. Well, this book has the same base but it is updated to NAV 2013 R2 (and not just NAV 2013 like the name of the book implies).
This book is for everyone who develops (including analysts, project leaders, testers, …) in NAV. It gives an […]

The NAV2009R2 webservice does not start in time

Yesterday, I had a customer blocked.
What happened?
We imported some objects and restarted the webservice so it would take the new objects. But the webservice didn’t start anymore. (BTW: they still use the classic environment but a lot of data comes by webservice.)
In the event-log, there was nothing from the webservice. Strange.
But I got some other […]


I noticed some strange behaviour of NAV2009R2 with QUERYREPLACE (of course with File=>Database=Alter=>tab Options=>Enable for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server=TRUE):
=> gives a warning "Function ‘QUERYREPLACE’ is obsolete for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.". Nice! I don’t want to have an error when running in the NAV-servicetier, so I will fix my code.
=> does NOT […]

I created a new page, put some fields on it but they don’t appear in the Windows client

I also restarted the service tier, but still the same problem. And the preview shows the new fields!
Probably in your personalized settings, there is some leftover that hides the fields.
Go to "Customize this page" and where you see "Restore defaults", click it (there are multiple ones and I didn’t check out which one exactly does […]

Zoom aka "About this page" in NAV2013

The "About this page" is very handy to have some info about the page and the table of that page.
But it doesn’t work on a subpage. If I select "About this page", it always shows me the info of the main page.
It is possible to do it, and it is quite easy too : When […]

Form/Page - OnNextRecord-trigger

Ever happened that your form/page does not show records (or only one) and you are sure that it works on the real table and you don’t have ANY filters (nor by code, nor by properties) on it?
Continue reading
Continue reading anyway!
Generally it is because you have some code in the above-mentioned trigger (and also […]

OnDatabase-triggers in codeunit 1

First a small introduction for those who don’t know the OnDatabase-triggers yet.
In the beginning (don’t worry, this not a fairy tale, but it is some history), there were only the "OnGlobal"-triggers in codeunit 1.
But these had a small problem. They were only called when a user changed data. It did not intercept changes done by […]

NAV Techdays 2013

I know, already 2 weeks have gone since the event, but I have been more than busy these 2 weeks.
This is the first day I have some time to sit behind my computer not having to work on urgent things. (It is weekend AND I have time to get behind a computer.)
Enough rambling now. Let’s […]

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 Programming Cookbook bis

The book starts with an overview of the different datatypes and examples on how to use them.
Then we go to the basic statements like IF, FOR, WHILE, functions, parameters. When I started with NAV, I never found good info on how to use those. It was a trial-and-error experience. With this book, this is a […]

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