Review:Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design written by Mark Brummel

Maybe you remember Marks book “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Design”. Well, this book has the same base but it is updated to NAV 2013 R2 (and not just NAV 2013 like the name of the book implies).
This book is for everyone who develops (including analysts, project leaders, testers, …) in NAV. It gives an […]

NAV TechDays 2014: Installing and configuring SQL Server for NAV

The material of my workshop (including a pdf with the slides) is online:

The NAV2009R2 webservice does not start in time

Yesterday, I had a customer blocked.
What happened?
We imported some objects and restarted the webservice so it would take the new objects. But the webservice didn’t start anymore. (BTW: they still use the classic environment but a lot of data comes by webservice.)
In the event-log, there was nothing from the webservice. Strange.
But I got some other […]

Where are my keys?

Ever were searching for your keys? A colleague and me were searching for them once.
BTW: I am not talking about our car-keys or office-keys but about our NAV-keys!
And we found out that when a table is locked in NAV2013 (I didn’t check out NAV 2009R2 and NAV2013R2) by someone. If someone opens the table and […]

SQL Server 2014 and NAV

SQL Server 2014 has gone RTM on the first of April 2014.
For the moment Microsoft NAV has not yet confirmed SQL 2014 as compatible with some NAV versions. I hope they don’t wait too long.
But does it has some goodies that are useful for NAV?
Lets see the top features of SQL Server 2014:

Enhanced memory support: […]

NAV Techdays 2014

Get ready for NAV Techdays 2014 : 20+21 November 2014 + the pre-conference day on 19 November 2014!

Where is the bug?


Do you find the bug?
Yes? Good. Actually, there are 3 bugs!
1) The bug you found: the developer creates the file (if it doesn’t exist) and then opens it.
2) The Classic client does NOT generated an error in this case
3) The service tier does NOT behave as the classic client […]

NAV 2013 C/AL editor can contain up to 240 chars on a line

Remember how many times you were typing code on a line and hit the invisible wall of 130 chars?
A lot of times, I suppose. At least I have.
Well, with NAV2013 you can get up to 240 chars!
Definitely useful if you copy a function with all its parameters in it to your code where you want […]

Variable-names in NAV2013 can be longer than 30 chars

Before NAV2013, the names of variables (and functions) were limited to 30 chars. In NAV2013, you can go beyond that length.
I did some tests to see if NAV only considers the first 30 chars or also considers the chars after that length. NAV2013 considers also chars beyond the first 30!
I didn’t check out how long […]


I noticed some strange behaviour of NAV2009R2 with QUERYREPLACE (of course with File=>Database=Alter=>tab Options=>Enable for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server=TRUE):
=> gives a warning "Function ‘QUERYREPLACE’ is obsolete for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.". Nice! I don’t want to have an error when running in the NAV-servicetier, so I will fix my code.
=> does NOT […]

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