Review:Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design written by Mark Brummel

Maybe you remember Marks book “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Design”. Well, this book has the same base but it is updated to NAV 2013 R2 (and not just NAV 2013 like the name of the book implies).
This book is for everyone who develops (including analysts, project leaders, testers, …) in NAV. It gives an […]

Where are my keys?

Ever were searching for your keys? A colleague and me were searching for them once.
BTW: I am not talking about our car-keys or office-keys but about our NAV-keys!
And we found out that when a table is locked in NAV2013 (I didn’t check out NAV 2009R2 and NAV2013R2) by someone. If someone opens the table and […]

NAV 2013 C/AL editor can contain up to 240 chars on a line

Remember how many times you were typing code on a line and hit the invisible wall of 130 chars?
A lot of times, I suppose. At least I have.
Well, with NAV2013 you can get up to 240 chars!
Definitely useful if you copy a function with all its parameters in it to your code where you want […]

Variable-names in NAV2013 can be longer than 30 chars

Before NAV2013, the names of variables (and functions) were limited to 30 chars. In NAV2013, you can go beyond that length.
I did some tests to see if NAV only considers the first 30 chars or also considers the chars after that length. NAV2013 considers also chars beyond the first 30!
I didn’t check out how long […]

I created a new page, put some fields on it but they don’t appear in the Windows client

I also restarted the service tier, but still the same problem. And the preview shows the new fields!
Probably in your personalized settings, there is some leftover that hides the fields.
Go to "Customize this page" and where you see "Restore defaults", click it (there are multiple ones and I didn’t check out which one exactly does […]

Zoom aka "About this page" in NAV2013

The "About this page" is very handy to have some info about the page and the table of that page.
But it doesn’t work on a subpage. If I select "About this page", it always shows me the info of the main page.
It is possible to do it, and it is quite easy too : When […]

Form/Page - OnNextRecord-trigger

Ever happened that your form/page does not show records (or only one) and you are sure that it works on the real table and you don’t have ANY filters (nor by code, nor by properties) on it?
Continue reading
Continue reading anyway!
Generally it is because you have some code in the above-mentioned trigger (and also […]

Clean up NAV2013 security and settings tables

When you prepare a database in the company and are then ready to backup/restore it at the customers, you probably have some info in it that is not really useful like users, some settings saved by those users, debugger breakpoints, session event info.
Here is a small TSQL script to clean just that:
USE [YourNAVDatabase];
delete FROM [dbo].[Access […]

"User ID" tablerelation in NAV2013

In some tables there is a field "User ID" (ex. T45:"G/L Register".F6:"User ID"). Nothing new here.
That field has tablerelation <User."User Name">. Seeing something strange? No? Let’s go on.
Table 2000000120:"User" has as primary key "User Security ID" (which is a GUID). Do you see it now? No?
Do you remember that a table relation should always point […]

Can you delete customers that have customer ledger entries?

Or venders with vender ledger entries or G/L accounts with G/L Entries or Banks with bank account ledger entries or items with item ledger entries or …
You say no? Think again! YES you can … under certain circumstances.
So what I am talking about?
At a customer we found some vendor ledger entries of type invoice with […]

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