Review:Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design written by Mark Brummel

Maybe you remember Marks book “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Design”. Well, this book has the same base but it is updated to NAV 2013 R2 (and not just NAV 2013 like the name of the book implies).
This book is for everyone who develops (including analysts, project leaders, testers, …) in NAV. It gives an […]

NAV integer table in SQL-statement - improved

Maybe you remember my old post NAV integer table in SQL-statement.
It does work but has some drawbacks: it works well for small tables but get very fast very slow with a greater number of rows.
There are a lot of possible methods that are better. The best (most of the time) is the Itzik-Style Cross-Join.

SQL Server 2014

A lot of blogs have already been written about the upcoming new version of SQL Server.
For starters: It will not be SQL2012 R2 but SQL2014.
One feature seems to be directly interesting to NAV. The feature has the codename "Hekaton". So it was called when they started the new version. Now they have a better name […]

SQL Server Performance problem created by the ORDER BY statement

Today I had a problem with a table that has around 5 million records. The table has as primary key “Header No.”,”Transaction No.”.
In the table is a field “Order No.” that at the moment is blank for all records.
I also had an index on that field, because I will need to search for it. I […]

Changing native DB-cache/commit cache

Who is still on native DB? You really should think of migrating to SQL Server.
I still find some customers that are still on native DB. Some of them have problems with performance but mostly because the database is quite old and keeps growing. When they started, they maybe had 100 or 200MB of memory and […]

Too few VLF’s in the transaction log

Someone remembers I wrote about too many VLF in the transactionlog ( ) and how to fix it?
Well, I just found a blogpost, stating that also the contrary can create performance problems.
Basically : if your VLF is too large, it takes too long before SQL Server can clear it and it takes too long to […]

Review:Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration written by Sharan Oberoi and Amit Sachdev

If you need to do something that smells like administrating NAV and you have little experience, this book is a very good start. Instead of searching through (and inside) all the pdf’s on the installation CD or googling/binging/yahooing blogs/white papers/articles all over the internet, you have all the basic information TOGETHER(!) in 1 book!
It won’t […]

What is the difference between Private memory, Working set and Virtual size?

What do you mean with “I don’t know”?
Well, actually, neither did I until I saw these movies:
It shows you the different counters (and different terminologies used by different programs for the same thing [I am using Process explorer and Mark Russinovich (the writer of Process explorer) advices to use it instead of the Windows taskmanager […]

Find in NAV : performance

We all know that “Find as you type” = true is bad for performance. At least I hope so….
But there is another problem with performance.
A lot of people use “Any part of field” to search a field. So, if you want to search for Customer “Deerfield Graphics Company” (customer No. ‘40000′ in W1), you type […]

Downgrading after accidental upgrade

How much times we have the question on the forum to downgrade a DB after someone accidently opened a DB with a newer NAV version and upgraded the DB?
Lot’s of times.
Downgrading is not so easy and it can be slow.
I needed to do it some time ago (luckily NOT for production but just for some […]

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