Shopping time!
Packtpub has a festive season offer: $5 (that’s €4.80 for me) for an eBook or Video!
Check out this website:

I forgot my administrator password

Ever had this problem? I just did in a virtual machine……
But I got it back using this link :
I hope this is NOT helpful to you because you never need it. In the other case, I really hope it is helpful to you!


I have been using OneNote to write a blog post. After that, I copied the text directly to the blog. Not exactly the easiest way but it worked.
Now, I have discovered a new tool that works a lot better. It is from Microsoft and it is free (yes, they have free software too!): Windows Live […]

A better Remote desktop experience

If you are a shortcut freak, you probably have dozens of .rdp files on your computer to connect to this or that server or computer or VM. If you aren’t, probably you never connect to computers (or you are a little masochistic).
I have a few problems with them:
-I have a lot of them (too many […]

Wired network but (almost) without RJ45-cables.

I had a problem: I am working downstairs, but my internet connection is upstairs. I cannot use RJ45-cables to cover the complete distance because it would mean leaving open the doors. And wireless network is not the best solution for Windows 2008 (I want to upgrade to R2 but that is another story).
How to solve […]

Spam with comments and how to protect yourself

How can you avoid spam comments in your blog. I would say it is very important to do it because when Google (and I think this is also valid for Bing) finds it and notices that the links in it point to a spam-site, also your post (and site) go down in the rating.
So, in […]

Customer with only Windows logins (and you are NOT in their domain)

Have you been at a customer where ONLY Windows logins are allowed?
So launching NAV (or SQL Server Management Studio) to connect to their database is impossible.
Can you connect to their database if you don’t have a remote terminal or citrix to some computer in their domain?
Yes, you can!
Microsoft has a little (sysinternals) tool (shellrunas.exe) that […]

How to become an MVP?

I receive quite often this question. Now someone answered it really well: Goals, obsessions, and aspirations: becoming an MVP

Convergence 2009 New Orleans

Well, it is not my idea to point you to this, but Microsofts. But they have a point (and more than one) in doing it.
·        Early Registration discount date has been extended to January 21, 2009.  Save $300 by registering early, secure your favorite hotels while they are still available […]

Boinc (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing)

What is this?
Well, here is some detailed info : or
But in short : it all started with SETI@home ( To detect signs of extraterrestrial intelligent life in radiosignals. This asked for a lot of processing power that only supercomputers have (at a very high cost). So they invented this system to use the […]

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