SQL Server 2014

A lot of blogs have already been written about the upcoming new version of SQL Server.
For starters: It will not be SQL2012 R2 but SQL2014.
One feature seems to be directly interesting to NAV. The feature has the codename "Hekaton". So it was called when they started the new version. Now they have a better name […]

Windows Azure is in production

I just read this article : Windows Azure: General Availability of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
You can also sign up for a free trial.
And for MVP’s, with your MSDN, you can have a VM with 2 CPU’s permanently on-line.
I have one since July 2012 and use it for testing and I am very happy with it!
What […]

NAV Techdays : NAV on Azure

Mark already blogged (http://dynamicsuser.net/blogs/mark_brummel/archive/2012/09/28/dynamics-nav-2013-to-azure-or-not-to-azure.aspx, http://dynamicsuser.net/blogs/mark_brummel/archive/2012/09/29/cfmd-amp-repeatablitiy.aspx, http://dynamicsuser.net/blogs/mark_brummel/archive/2012/09/29/azure-vs-azure-amp-multi-tenacy.aspx) about it and I was as disappointed as he was. I thought we would see something about SQL Azure (a SQL Server in the cloud) and not just Windows Azure (a VM in the cloud).
But later I talked with Jens Møller-Pedersen about Azure and I think the Azure-session deserves […]

Review:Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration written by Sharan Oberoi and Amit Sachdev

If you need to do something that smells like administrating NAV and you have little experience, this book is a very good start. Instead of searching through (and inside) all the pdf’s on the installation CD or googling/binging/yahooing blogs/white papers/articles all over the internet, you have all the basic information TOGETHER(!) in 1 book!
It won’t […]

I have restored a 50GB DB on a 20GB-disk

Well, I didn’t! I just virtually restored the database.
Eh? What?
Time for some explanation:
I have a customer that has a database of about 50 GB of data. And all the files are about 60GB.
The native compressed SQL backup (they use SQL 2008 Enterprise) is about 8GB. No data or page compression is used.
As […]

Demoing with Hyper-V by Lyle Curry

I arrived a little late at this session because of the hotel check-out that took longer than expected.
Until now, customers I went to that have virtualization, have a VMWare solution, so I have been studying, playing, testing VMWare Server and Workstation. But I think that in the future, customers might get started using Hyper-V. So […]

Another virtualization project

I have a customer where all servers are virtualized into one BIG machine. And now we are implementing NAV.
What do they have?

They have 2 physical servers (64bit) with each 16GB of memory, 2 quadcore processors. They are completely virtualized with VMWare.
A SAN with 15 disks:

5 […]

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