Directions EMEA 2010: my personal keynote

Read also Waldo’s blogpost :
As always (read as : the previous 2 years ), the event was a success!Good food, nice place, not so good weather (but we ware inside) and at least the evening of the galadinner was with quite good weather.
I know, my final blog post on Directions EMEA 2010 has […]

Ending Keynote by Torben Kragelund

First we had a RTC-competition with 6 competitors: what is the best RTC solution?
Here are the competitors (in winning order) and some info:
1)AGILES WORKFLOW: guiding people on how to do something (e.g. creating a new item:what has to be done?)
2)ABECON: course industry:planning, registration, …
3)EQUISIS: Zetadocs for Dynamics NAV: document management using webservices and Sharepoint
4)CENTERLINE: Right […]

Exposing NAV Metadata by Lars Hammer

I think this is one of the most interesting sessions for developers.What is it about? Well, we always had the problem to get some info about the C/AL objects. We have some system tables to get some info like tables “Field”, “Key”, “Object”, but they give limited info on the object. To know more, we […]

Demoing with Hyper-V by Lyle Curry

I arrived a little late at this session because of the hotel check-out that took longer than expected.
Until now, customers I went to that have virtualization, have a VMWare solution, so I have been studying, playing, testing VMWare Server and Workstation. But I think that in the future, customers might get started using Hyper-V. So […]

Windows Azure, the service bus and MS Dynamics NAV 2009SP1 by Christian Baek and Rikke Lassen

Check out Waldo’s blog about the session:
*Windows azure=cloud services OS, server as development, services host and services management environment for Windows Azure platform. Scaleable, secure, reliable.*not intended for ERP: not written for it, licensing is not really ok for it
*the service bus: Windows Azure plaform AppFabric=>connects cloud services and on-premises applications
*high level WS applications
-desktop […]

Value of upgrading solutions to NAV2009 by Andreas Vos

-productivity: RTC, action pane, search function (users love this ; there is a search function in Windows 2008/7 and I love that to instead of using the menu), user customization, save template with filters
-technology: SQL Server, WebServices, client extensibility
-time to “clean up”:
–51% replace with standard
–13% in use
–8% need to change
–28% unknown (user: I need that […]

How to improve the testing of your solutions (application testing) by Soren Grubov

Waldo already wrote a blogpost on this : But don’t worry, I’ll give some more info.
-test features in NAV2009SP1 -test development?
-application test toolset for NAV. Build by Microsoft on top of test features.
*NAV2009SP1 test features
-target functional test through C/AL
-ensure no UI interaction is required
-classic vs RTC (test both)
-enable test of error handling
*Now codeunits have […]

SSRS (RDLC) Reports in MS Dynamics NAV 2009 and beyond by Claus Lundstrom and Yuri Belenky

The session objective is to learn to design, modify and build reports for RTC
*key takeaways
-new reporting capabilities
-new report designer experience
-time to get starting on RDLC report
*Dynamic report i.e. sorting and visibility toggle
*save report to PDF,Excel
*view report with text colors
*display data graphicaly
*acces NAV reports from other applications
*drill through pages and reports
Demo time:
-graphical:changes between graphs and with […]

Sana Software : Win more deals with e-Commerce by Niek Bosua

Here, it went wrong (not the session, but for me)! I tried to get my computer back alive but without success…. So this is the first session for which I took notes using an old-tech called paper.
The first session. It is an ISV session, so more a commercial one. All 4 sessions were ISV sessions […]

Hands- on labs “WebServices” and “Client Extensibility” both done by Dmitry Chadaev and Vitaliy Lebedev

I really like labs. They are like a kickstart to learn something new.
It started quite badly. For a lab, you need your portable and your portable needs a battery loader and this last one needs a powerplug. When we arrived in the lab, these were missing.
I have done something with webservices before. But all in […]

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