.Net COM for Navision Chart

September 16th, 2009

Hi Guys,

Few months ago I wrote an article about exporting binary data like picture in Navision and now I want to bring up another article about having chart in Navision reports or in the form. Certainly I am not the first person to have this idea, in fact I can found others have done similar idea and create a component for our Navision. Despite of this, my horses still goes strong and runs like young stallion reaching to the finish line. Well tremendously I have some points to share to you where we could leverage our Navision to certain extend as follow:

  1. Able to show the chart in Navision form and report.
  2. You can print the chart in report as norm as typical Navision report.
  3. You can save the chart as Navision Picture (BMP) and store it within your Navision tables for sharing it with other peoples.
  4. If you wish, you could extract the chart picture into XML file and upload it into your web application.

The distractive points of this demonstration are:

  1. Any Navision clients who need to generate the chart need to register the .NET assembly.
  2. Need to consider with the chart resolution as the chart is BMP image format. The bytes of the chart need to consider if you need to keep them in the database.

I have attached in this article the .net codes project for your perusal and please don’t mind with the untidy codes and the nausea as the side effect whiles you studying it. If you are working as developer like me, you could use this code freely and show it off to your boss and hopefully you might get excellent appraisal at the end of years. Hope you can benefit from this article and let us start with substantial matters of how I doing it Read the rest of this entry »