Recently, I have been developing a batch job automation to extract/import Navision tables into/from xml format. Well it is not quite challenging if I have to use XML port object for each table and this is straight forward solution. However, in my case, I would like to extract/import any table dynamically from user selection during runtime and I don’t wish to create each xml port object for each table in Navision.

Certainly I am looking at RecordRef and FieldRef data type that would be my outmost possible solution and indeed I almost there but I was stuck with Blob data type and check mate. As you have probably known the field reference provide us with Value or Validate method to extract or to assigned the value for a field. These methods are seem good for simple data types and very unfortunately the method of CREATEINSTREAM and CREATEOUTSTREAM are absent from field reference and it is seem I am turn into the end of the road.

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