Last year article I had written similar article on how to consume BizTalk web service from Navision. The solution was require us to develop custom COM wrapper which Navision utilize it in C/AL code. The offer solution incline dependency upon deployment particularly certain version of Dot Net framework and custom COM library registration. In certain way, you may feel little bit beefy for IT maintenance and it easily can forgotten.  

I do realize the main obstacle for Navision classic integration (NAV 2009 and earlier version) with automation are:

  1. Navision variable string limitation up to 1024 chars
  2. Consuming BizTalk WCF require in SOAP format

I have recently find out the way to avoid the two obstacle above. The breakthrough is to configure BizTalk WCF adapter to accept plain XML just like HTTP adapter without require SOAP format. Thus, it help to reduce the complication on client side to send the XML over to BizTalk server. Hence, I am using Microsoft XML automation COM component to perform this because any local system with windows OS surely has this automation in place. Indeed, you have to carefully choose which automation version suitable at your end. Navision 2009 and earlier it self use Microsoft XML automation version 3.0, however I am using version 6.0 as demonstration.  To make it short, following  illustration will explain to you in detail.

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Dear reader,

This article is the companion part from the last article and to easily understand this article you should read the first part. This article elaborate the integration between Navision and BizTalk Server using WCF technology and it would be an alternative solution apart from using Commerce Gateway adapter component. The elaboration in this article would be heavily with BizTalk WCF adapter technology and .NET COM component wrapper which I developed by Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition in C# language. The test solution environment are based on Windows Server 2003 32 bits, BizTalk server 2006 R2 and Navision 2009 R2. It is very high likely, the solution would prevail with higher windows version and higher BizTalk server version.

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Recently, I have been thinking of Navision Commerce Gateway future module especially the BizTalk Commerce Gateway adapter. The latest Microsoft platform are moving forward to 64 bits and Navision maturity closer to .net. These situation cause Commerce Gateway adapter torn out to be good solution or unfitted. Wonder if Microsoft Dynamics would disclose for new technology solution or would rather let the partner to do them self. I can understand  people tried to make BizTalk server injecting data into or pulling data from Navision SQL database thru BizTalk SQL adapters. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with it but it has many limitation for few and more integration transaction to go along with it. Regardless, Navision  2009 introduce SOAP web service and high lightly it is good starting point to exploring BizTalk talk to Navision via Navision SOAP web service. In this article I am focusing on how to consume Navision web service and will talk about Navision consuming BizTalk WCF service in another post article.

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Hi all,

Perhaps you are going to have system integration with potentially large XML message via HTTP secure BizTalk adapter together with client certificate authentication.  If your BizTalk server does as receiving point then you are mostly required to change an IIS parameter to handle large message. Otherwise you would experience following error at the client side:

  • HTTP server code 413 reason Request Entity Too Large.
  • HTTP client code 110 reason.

For detail information can be found in following URL:

    The parameter that need to set is uploadreadaheadsize , which is under IIScscript command line:  adsutil.vbs set w3svc/[webside ID]/uploadreadaheadsize [Number].

The Microsoft technical information can be found in this:

Pro and Cons

Despite of the security risk, BizTalk is transparent to goes with any client authentication. You might choose to go with basic or digest authentication, but sometime a policy is not allows reveal the user id and password to your partner system. Thus your options fall into client certificate authentication. One thing for sure, normally for BizTalk integration with HTTP receiving point enabled, the local IIS reside in DMZ together with BizTalk system and network firewall plays a part to secure the server. This is to weight the judgement for either pro or cons with client certificate authentication.

What is the right Size.

Based on my test, above parameter need to set at minimum size around 2 times bigger than the xml message size.  However, always be remember that there are other consideration than just in the IIS. There are others component such MSDTC, BizTalk or Navision and with the adapters need your attention to see how much memory they need and is there any limitation or such configuration to adjust.


So far I have been successfully receive a message with size of half mega bytes from internet system until Navision end. As it is for test purposes the speed to complete the process not sluggish yet until volume transaction come to play. Hope this article give you benefit and wish you good luck.

Hello everyone,Here I am back for the BizTalk receiving message via HTTPS protocols article. This article is the extension part from earlier post article which explain certificate and configuration of SSL with HTTP Adapter to send out the message. I hope you can get benefit by reading this article and understanding how to configure the SSL in BizTalk server with HTTP adapter. Read the rest of this entry »

From the part 1 that mostly addressing the basic knowledge and in this post article is more toward the implementation area where all put together in BizTalk.  I hope you can get benefit from this article and enjoy.

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Recently I have just done connecting my BizTalk to SAP XI which require HTTPS protocol to transmit the message. It was exciting and confusing at the first time and finally the mission was successfully and it was not that complicated at all. I was really starting from the scratch to understand the certificates and SSL works with BizTalk and it is good to know the fundamental knowledge around the certificates and certificates store and how does it relate with BizTalk.

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