In the past, I was writing some article regarding project integration with older Navision version. The article overall was about developing a web service extension for exposing Navision business process and data domain reach out to external. In Navision 2009 however, the web service existence really make integration much more easily. This article is resuming from past project integration, I would like to share with you the web service request/response pattern based on Navision web service 2009.  

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You might already have aware of new Navision - CRM integration new features introduced in Navision 2009 R2. This integration technically gives possibility in Navision to capture data change tracking in a better way than earlier version. In this article, I want to share with you my point of view of this possibility data change tracking mechanism and give you alternative ways to achieve change tracking with another technology within Microsoft framework.

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Recently I have some requirement to extract Navision item picture to web front application and with Navision 2009 I could store not only BMP format but many other format namely, JPEG, TIFF, PNG and etcetera.  This is indeed is great improvement in Navision 2009, since BMP format is not the best format due the size of the space. Now, I have a little problem with the format diversity on how to recall the image format type. I need find out the format type because the web pages require the right content type before it can display correctly.

After some study and research, finally I can make a simple function in Navision C/AL to detect the image format type directly from the blob image field. Basically some bytes at the beginning of the image store the image format information. So, I need the first 4 characters from the BLOB image and do checking with it.  The function below detects some major image format and could be extended to detect others whenever it is necessary.

Content Type Function Detector

Below C/AL code  is using detector function for displaying the content type format of item picture:


   l_textContentType := l_cduGenFunction.GetImageContentType(l_textLen4);
   Message(’Image Format is : ‘ + l_textContentType);

Some cases of requirement, I need to have text editor in Navision that does not limited to 1K of string and I need able to have break line and simple decoration. This large text could be for explanation of production description, shipping handling or document requirement or could be some comment.  So I try to develop a new stuff in Nav 2009 sp1 features call control Addin an as usual using Visual Studio Express Edition 2010 to create one.

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