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Find SQL User name with “Windows Login” SID

There is a good article about how to Find SQL User name with “Windows Login” SID by Daniel Rimmelzwaan (MVP - Dynamics NAV).

Add comment July 31st, 2011

Quick Open a Company

Do you know that after opening a Database, you can click the NAV symbol on the upper-right hand side of your Classic Client screen to open the “Open a Company” window?

Add comment April 23rd, 2011

Object Search in RTC

Finally, after a long time we have to memorize the path of some objects, e.g. Sales Order form, Inventory Movement report, etc., in RTC, we can SEARCH it! Yes, search! WOW! What a useful innovation.

Just type Sales Order in the textbox “Search”at the top-right of the Home pane, and then the suggested list will appear. Fortunately, with the navigation hierarchy! Thanks God!

1 comment December 31st, 2010

Planning Parameters

Curious to know more about Planning Parameter? You can read it here

Add comment December 31st, 2010

How to Examine the Applied Filters

Sometimes, it is helpful to see the filters that are set to the current view on the form.

e.g.: click on the drilldown button on the Balance (LCY) field on Customer Card 10000, then it will open the Customer Ledger Entries shown for current customer.

To see what filters are applied to this view, simply press Ctrl + F7 to open the Table Filter, and it will show you that the filters applied are:

“Customer No.” = 10000 and “Open” = Yes

That’s why it is sometimes could be different in result view, when we open the Customer Ledger Entries using the Ctrl+F5 and using the drillingdown on Balance (LCY) field.

While when using Ctrl + F5 to open the Customer Ledger Entries, the view only filtered using “Customer No.” = 10000

Add comment December 28th, 2010

How to find the Total Line Amount in Sales Order?

You can find the Total Line Amount in a Sales Order, on field Amount Including VAT, in the Sales Header.But you must Release the Order so that it will generate the Total Amount.

1 comment December 9th, 2010

Flow field not updated in Zoom

Have you ever to use zoom (Ctrl + F8, in Classic) to view the value of the field?Sometime, the value of the flow field is not updated correctly.What is the problem?This is because of the field is not displayed in the form - that is, the flow field is calculated when it is displayed in the form.So, the solution can be one of the below:

  1. Make the flow field visible in the form, or simply
  2. Access the table, and do the zoom there.

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Testing NAV

There are some link to the interesting articles about Testing the Application: NAVTest Automation and Test DataTesting the Application Dynamics NAV How to: Create Test Codeunits and Test Functions Credit: MVP Harry Ruiz (Savatage)Source: mibuso 

Add comment October 27th, 2010

How to work with record-variables (version 2) by Alain Krikilion

A nice quick guide to work with record-variable: click here

Add comment October 27th, 2010

Tools/Tricks that make Development Easier and more Organized by Mark Brummel

The presentation  slide of Mark Brummel - the author of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Design, at Directions USA 2010, can be found here

Add comment October 21st, 2010

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