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New webhosting for waldo’s blog

Some of you already noticed: if you go to www.waldo.be, you get a new look&feel for “waldo’s blog”.


Well, not that I didn’t like my old blogging location. Really! I have been blogging at DUG from the start! From April 1st, almost 6 years ago (djeez .. I’m getting old). Not a single month did pass without one of more blogs.. . You don’t do that when you don’t like the platform.

I would like to thank Erik Ernst (the DUG Godfather) from the bottom of my heart for having me there!

You still didn’t say why?

Well, for a few reasons.

First of all controlling reasons. I wasn’t able to admin/control my blog when I wanted. I wanted to change themes, upgrade, change RSS stuff (I only get 15 items…), have a media library/downloads, easier posting including pictures, choose custom plugins whenever I want (like polls, …), … .

Second was the software: I have a blog, and the number one blogging software (we all know) is Wordpress. There is no secret there.. . Community server does his thing, but Wordpress is just so much better. Although I must say, it definitely isn’t faster .. .

Some of you have noticed that I have been posting on mibuso as well. That was more of a tryout for me. It got me to know Wordpress, but I have the same “issues” (which is a far too harsh word for it) there: not admin, not control, .. (may be at that time “no knowledge..”). That makes it a third reason: blogging to two sites doesn’t make much sense.

And then of course, there are other reasons: my layout was so bad that I got hate-mails from people (yes Kurt, you! ;-) ). Furthermore, don’t know if you noticed, but I used my domain name “waldo.be” and by URL forwarding attached it to my DUG blog. That didn’t work well .. You weren’t able to comment, log in or whatever.. .

What are you going to do?

Well, from this day, I will switch to my new webhosting that I’ve linked to my www.waldo.be domain. One place, all under my control. If it doesn’t work: I am to blame! ;-)


There are a few consequences though.

This is the last post in Mibuso and DynamicsUser. You won’t get any updates anymore there. I have been thinking of still doing so, but in a way, that doesn’t make much sense, does it?

So if you were “following” me through email, and you would still like to get mails from my posts, then I recommend to subscribe to my new blog .. There is something like this on my blog where you can do so..

If you did the same with RSS, there is a new RSS feed.

Still struggling

I’m not completely satisfied yet with the blog though. Mainly with performance. So if you see the theme changing a couple of times (I think it’s due to performance, but I’m not sure) .. that’s probably the reason.

I’m also searching for a way to get all my old posts into this blog. But that doesn’t seem to be so easy. I did an import of the RSS feed, but that only gives me 15 posts.. . I’m thinking of re-publishing the posts, or something like that. Anyway, my old blog(s) will be online for a while, I hope, so you can search for content there as well.. .

Contact me!

Really, any kind of freedback is appreciated. I made sure there is a contact form on the site, for you to give feedback as much as you like.

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Directions EMEA 2012: Final Thoughts

OK, here we go .. . It has been a “ride” to Directions .. both literally as mentally. In only 7 days, I went on a trip by car, taxi, train and plane!

By car to the Alpes with perfect weather conditions:

From Austria, by taxy to the train station, and by train to Rome:

By plane back home, to play Kubbs with my kids just an hour after arriving:

Busy week .. whereof Directions was the busiest time - as it should be.

As stated in my previous blog .. I had two sessions (of which I’m going to blog about separately) .. and this caused quite some stress, I must say. Sometimes I wonder: “why do I keep on doing this??”. After the sessions I always know why :-). This year, I had an extra level of stress though. Just before I had to go on stage to talk about some tools, my PC began to crash just after I took my laptop out of his sleep. I only had 5 minutes before I had to begin. It started to make really funny (although not so funny at that time) notices, and NAV began to crash like hell. I didn’t have the time to completely reset my machine, so I had to improvise - during the session on stage - by using another database on my own pc in stead of the VM I would normally have used.. . So there you go .. I had practiced it about a zillion times on one VM .. and now I had to do it live in a completely different environment. Result: Heart rate at about 180 for about an hour!

I guess all (or most) went fine .. I had a wonderful audience (full room, by the way!) who cared to laugh at some of my jokes, took pictures of the slides , so I guess, some of it was interesting :-). When I have some more time (rebuilding a house really influences the time to blog, I must say..), I’m going to put that session into a blog!

What about Directions in general?

We’re getting used to it, no? :-) This time again, it was a great convention, which is always worth the money and time people invest into it. But that’s what we’re used to, right, from Directions?

You know Rome .. It’s almost perfect as a location. It’s warm, enjoyable, good food, … . So that was going to be a win-win, right?

The convention itself never had so many interesting sessions .. 7 at the same time. For me, this was may be a somewhat disadvantage, because I had to choose .. and I usually can’t choose! My solution to that next year is: inviting more people from iFacto to join Directions! I recommend you to do the same ;-).

Microsoft took the occasion to showcase NAV2013 in the most extended way possible. +30 sessions about NAV2013: new functionality, new features, … everything there was to say about it! But still under NDA, so not able to talk about it too much. Let’s just say: there’s nothing to dislike! :-).

Yet again, great networking possibilities! This year, the expo lasted for the entire day, which gave more value for the expo-people, and more possibilities for us to explore the expo and talk to the people!

So, no issues whatsoever?

Sure! Nobody is perfect - so why wouldn’t there be? But I don’t want to spend my time on it. Bottom line to remember in my opinion: Directions is a fantastic, not-to-miss, convention to go to .. so see you and more people all again next year!

What’s the cloud-message all about?
Did you really have to ask? ;-) Let’s just say: “Fuzzy”, in my humble opinion. But as it’s still under NDA .. Let’s keep it for another blogpost!

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2012 MVP Renewal

I’m happy to share that my MVP award has been renewed.. . This, in combination with some very exciting times ahead, is good news for me of course .. and therefor, I would like to say thanks to Microsoft to give me this award and the opportunities that comes with it. :-).

I just can promise that I’ll try to do my best to contribute to the community the same way like I have been doing in the past.

There is quite a lot on my agenda .. which I’ll share in the upcoming blogposts.

Thanks and stay tuned!


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Microsoft Dynamics is sponsoring Formula 1

On one of my previous blogs .. Wallace provided a comment that put my attention on the following cool fact: Microsoft Dynamics is sponsoring (or going to) the Lotus Formula 1 team.


Cool! You can read all about it all over the place, like:

Doesn’t it look great?


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.Net Interop: Consume a third party web service (Check VAT Registration No.)

Some time ago, I did a session at Direction EMEA in Berlin. Apparently, some people were inspired with this. Not only did I introduce “cannibalism” (never expected this to be something “hot, new and inspiring” but rather something “obvious” - let’s spend a blogpost on that as well.. :) ), but also I showed an example of consuming a third party web service. And some time ago (quite some time, actually), I promised one of the attendees to blog about the VAT example I showed there.

In fact, you can see this as “consuming a third party web service”. There are tons of those out there .. and this example is quite useful, if you ask me (more useful than getting the weather info, or a list of songs of a certain genre, is it.. ;°) ).

What Web Service?

A functional consultant pointed me to a certain official webservice that had some promising capabilities. This is the website that uses that same webservice:


As you can see, you can validate the VAT Number in quite some European countries. This is something customers definitely want .. so what if we could build such a functionality in NAV. We would need a web service, right? Well, here it is, just for free:


Basically, using this web service, is kind of the same way as using any web service - so also quite the same as I described in this blogpost: NAV 2009 R2 .Net Interop: Calling a Web Service (come to think of it - I can make this blog quite short and let’s share the objects I created here).

Building the Proxy

This will take the majority of your time - at least 2 minutes (because Visual Studio doesn’t load very fast). I’m not going to create a service reference, but a web reference.

  • Create a new project in Visual Studio
  • Make sure you’re using .Net Framework 3.5
  • Create a class library called “VATValidation” (at least I did)
  • So you get this:

Now, right click “References” and click “Service Reference”:

As I mentioned, I’m going to use a web reference, so let’s click Advanced / Add Web Reference and provide the url I mentioned above. Give it a proper name (I used “VATValidationService”) and click “Add Reference”:

That’s it, people! Build you’re solution and get the hell out of Visual Studio!


You’re safe now .. you’re almost back in you familiar habitat (we like to call C/AL). Just first copy the dll (which is the proxy class you’ll need in NAV) to your classic client and server:

  • Get the dll from yourproject\VATValidation\bin\Debug
  • Copy it to:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic\Add-ins
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service\Add-ins

(in my case, the server is running on my laptop, but obviously, you should put the dll wherever it will be used - NST, failover, …). In this case, my NST will be executing the business logic, so I don’t have to put it client-side.


Let’s go to nav and write some very simple code there - it’s not functional in any way, it’s just a test-codeunit that uses the service. You can build the business logic any way you like.

First declare some variables:

Name DataType Subtype Length
CheckVATService DotNet ‘VATValidation, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.VATValidation.VATValidationService.checkVatService
CountryCode Code 10
VATNumber Text 1024
Name Text 1024
Address Text 1024
Success Boolean

Then, OnRun, I wrote these lines of code:

CheckVATService := CheckVATService.checkVatService(); //the constructor

CountryCode := ‘BE’;
VATNumber := ‘0885815777′;
//VATNumber := ‘0863844386′;
//VATNumber := ‘0891609053′;


IF Success THEN
MESSAGE(Name + ‘\’ + Address)
MESSAGE(’No Success’);

I agree, the business logic is not useable at all .. but that was not the intention. I just provided you the way to use the CheckVat function .. and now it’s up to you.

The Download

The download contains my test-objects from my demo-db. Take them “as is” .. so if you want to implement this at a customer, do that on your own risk - and reconsider the code (make it “partner ready:-) ).

The download contains:

  • The RTC codeunit. You’ll have to provide an action on some page to be able to run it.
  • A classic codeunit. Did’t mention it above, but this is code what it would look like in the classic environment. It also works .. but who wants to write that? :-) It’s just there for your reference/comparison.
  • The Proxy class. In the folder mentioned above, you’ll find the dll that you’ll have to deploy


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Is this the end of waldo’s blog?

A few days ago, I got an anonymous mail from a certain “kine” with a somewhat disturbing attachment. Namely this:

So really .. I have to be careful. If that dude catches me .. I’m done! :-/ .

Luckily, I’m quite used to hide myself, isn’t it? In fact, it seems like it’s all I’m doing lately - hiding in my hotelroom in Orlando .. hiding behind a conventional Microsoft term called “NDA”, … .

It would be ashamed though .. after the recent travels I did, I noticed that I begin to really find my way in those countries. Not only do I find my way in very authentic typical local restaurants, like this one in the US (you see my friend was very proud to have found such a unique place..) (and yes, we bought the t-shirt!)

I’m learning even the “slang” of the local languages as well. Like in Denmark, they have a totally other meaning of the word “iPad” .. mostly used in plural:”padde”. But let’s not go into that too deeply .. just ask the reporting guy when you’re visiting the country.. .

Right now, I’m just flying back in a shaky plane (not sure it’s the plane though) from the KT3 event - aka the knowledge transfer of NAV7. And yet again, I must hide myself behind that bloody NDA and tell you that I can’t say much about it. All I can say is that it was a very clarifying event. I finally know (let’s say understand) what to expect from the NAV-in-Azure-announcement that Paul White did a few weeks ago. This new business opporunity is going to be great .. and you should look forward to the official statements which I can’t share.. :(. We are going to be able to do so much more than we’re already doing.. :-).

I’m also proud to say that yet again, I made some new fiends - and it really amazes me that everyone treats each other with the greatest respect. Like here is the stratus-guy who did one of the web clients that are available out there:

If you can do that without having hard feelings - you can say you respect each other! And I clearly have the greatest respect for Vjeko! ;-)

Ok ok, i’m just joking around. I was just trying to find a way to share this information. Not only about the Azure stuff .. but also about the “padde”, the pictures, .. ;°). I’m so sorry to have wasted your time .. . more useful stuff is coming up soon. I promised someone to write a blog about one of the topics of the webservice-presentation I did - and so I will ;-).

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