2 September 2015
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Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Programming Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV 2009

Author: David Studebaker
Publisher: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 1847196527
Pub. date: November 2009
Format: Paperback, 620 pages

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a well established Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, part of the Microsoft Dynamics family. Dynamics NAV is installed worldwide, with well over one million users. Version 2009 contains many major new features and structures, requiring even experienced Dynamics NAV developers to refresh their NAV development knowledge.

Renowned for its challenging learning curve, Dynamics NAV is a complex piece of software with a unique design structure. For developers learning to modify or enhance Dynamics NAV for vital business purposes, the task can sometimes be intimidating.

This book is an in-depth step-by-step guide to programming NAV, designed to ease you through the complexities of NAV application development. You will learn the skills and develop the confidence to tackle your own critical NAV applications. This book will act as your experienced NAV programming mentor, helping you to become productive as a NAV developer much more quickly.

NAV development is quite complex, with a steep learning curve. This book makes it easy for you. From basic NAV terminology and concept definitions, through the essential building blocks of NAV data structure and objects, you will gain an understanding of the fundamental underlying concepts of NAV. You will learn practical details about NAV object construction and the tools available, including table, page, and report design. You will learn how to use NAV's tools to effectively navigate through the various features of objects, including properties, triggers, and C/AL code, and receive practical guidance on ways to develop and test in the unique NAV C/SIDE development environment.

Extensive guidance on software design for NAV is provided along with tips for efficient design of new NAV applications or enhancing existing applications. With its comprehensive collection of NAV information and distillation of years of NAV development experience, this book is not only designed to help you learn, but to act as a reference as well.
What you will learn from this book
  • Get started and master NAV business management solutions concepts
  • Create tables to define your NAV data structure, review the types of tables found in the out-of-the-box NAV application and understand how to use these in new enhancements
  • Explore all NAV data types and learn how they help develop financially oriented business applications
  • Define filters to apply defined limits on data in any business process
  • Meet several data presentation tools and create pages to input data and output information for users
  • Create reports – using the Report Designer tools – which are intuitive to work with and easier to distribute
  • Dive into C/SIDE and C/AL – essential navigation, object construction, numbering, basic syntax, naming rules, SIFT technology, string operators and functions, numeric operators and functions, logical and relational operators and functions, and the whole range of input/output functions
  • Debug your NAV applications using the Debuggers and associated tools and techniques
  • Integrate data and business logic from NAV 2009 with other applications
About the author

David Studebaker is Chief Technical Officer and the owner of Liberty Grove Software, Inc., with his partner Karen Studebaker. Liberty Grove Software, a Microsoft Partner, provides development, consulting, training, and upgrade services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV resellers and firms using Dynamics NAV internally.

David has been recognized by Microsoft as a Certified Professional for NAV in all areas—Development, Applications, and Installation & Configuration. He has been honored as a Lead Certified Microsoft Trainer for NAV. He has been programming since 1962 and developing in C/AL since 1996. David has been an active participant in each step of computing technology—from the early mainframes to today's technology, from binary assembly language coding to today's C/AL and C#.

David's special achievements include the development of the very first production SPOOLing system in 1967. Application areas in which David has worked include manufacturing, distribution, retail, engineering, general accounting, association management, professional services billing, distribution/inventory management, freight carriage, data collection, and production management among others.

David has had a wide range of development, consulting, sales, and management roles throughout his career. He has been partner or owner and manager of several software development businesses, while always maintaining a significant role as a business applications developer.

David has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has been writing for publication since his undergraduate college days. David has been a member of the Association for Computing Machinery since 1963 and was a founding officer of two local chapters of the ACM.

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