3 September 2015
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Name: NAV 2009 Profile Selector  Start download
Author: Stephan Feijen   Send e-mail  
Date: 03/03/2009
Size: 4.6 KB
Downloads: 983
MD5 Digest: 076CA17C052E04848D3BDEC7E4B6D2FF
Category: General downloads
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Description: The Profile Selector makes it easy for you to start NAV with different profiles without having to create a shortcut for each role you would like to test.

Simply run the codeunit which wil generate a batfile for you based on the defined profiles. Then run this batfile which:
1. will prompt you for the profile (profile option)
2. asks whether to start the NAV role based client in configuration mode or not (configure option)
3. starts the NAV role based client based on the given options.

Have fun testing your roles !!
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