3 September 2015
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Name: C/Side Integration Utilities v1.4  Start download
Author: Thad Ryker   Send e-mail  Visit website  
Date: 23/04/2013
First release: 29/11/2010
Size: 2.16 MB
Downloads: 1915
MD5 Digest: 6FF5882573330F086748E35FE35601D6
Category: General downloads
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Description: A .Net library containing classes that allow for communication with a running instance of Dynamics Nav. This can be used to upload/download text objects, compile objects, query table data and many other things. You will still need a developer license to use most of the functionality this library provides. These utilities in no way bypass the usual Dynamics Nav licensing. This project is open source, licensed under the Apache 2 license. The latest source can always be freely downloaded from the Edgerunner website.

Version 1.4 Alpha
Renamed Client.FetchSpecificObjects methods to GetObjects and GetObject
Refactored the code for GetObject and GetObjects
Added missing documentation
Renamed Client.FetchTable to GetTable
Renamed old Client.GetTable method to GetTableInternal to avoid conflict
Made all ClientLink.Parse methods static
Made all ClientLink private parsing helper methods static
Renamed Client.GetSpecificClient methods to GetClient
Renamed Client.GetSpecificDesigner to GetDesigner

Version 1.3 Alpha
Added ClientLink class
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