2 September 2015
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Name: MBS-Great Plains 7.5 SDK  Start download
Author: Microsoft Business Solutions   Visit website  
Date: 16/07/2003
Size: 20.96 MB
Downloads: 1581
MD5 Digest: 3B239912CD2150152FFDB6B0C88513EA
Category: Great Plains
Description: Software Development Kit for use with Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 7.5. This download contains the same version of the SDK that is available on the 7.5 product CD.

Note: Before you install the SDK, you already should have installed Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains 7.5.
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This download is also available in smaller files.
Download all these files to the same directory, and execute the *.exe file to combine them
into one zip-file.

Start download  greatplains75sdk.001     1.92 MB     MD5 Digest: FBAA6F1D1B359FA60546138C43502E93
Start download  greatplains75sdk.002     1.99 MB     MD5 Digest: 4853E1DE67A027F4AFE3807CDE86BC2F
Start download  greatplains75sdk.003     1.99 MB     MD5 Digest: EE1F035E5A41244E652B1A0FF4CA3DA3
Start download  greatplains75sdk.004     1.99 MB     MD5 Digest: 84793FB3B08AC4E6BA3B063F0DBFA8DE
Start download  greatplains75sdk.005     1.99 MB     MD5 Digest: 41B7845E2F5720652379DCC5649F1F67
Start download  greatplains75sdk.006     1.99 MB     MD5 Digest: F542593B692689BFE5D50AF32714FE3D
Start download  greatplains75sdk.007     1.99 MB     MD5 Digest: FF397C061BB51B733CCE315FC83AA3BF
Start download  greatplains75sdk.008     1.99 MB     MD5 Digest: 778A9A817CD923DBBCC0949E9E8662D4
Start download  greatplains75sdk.009     1.99 MB     MD5 Digest: 6444EE53A0835C0EE7FA8C2EEA9CE3F4
Start download  greatplains75sdk.010     1.99 MB     MD5 Digest: D216A3E03A8F13EF7C6B56D51AE9939B
Start download  greatplains75sdk.011     1.06 MB     MD5 Digest: 2562FCDF33C82337C5DDB59273E2BF81
Start download  greatplains75sdk.exe     77.8 KB     MD5 Digest: 0F4D44E6B753376F8584BB1DCC6FA629
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