4 October 2015
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Name: Solomon Cash Manager - An Overview  
Author: Microsoft Business Solutions   Visit website  
Date: 02/03/2005
Size: 12.47 MB
Downloads: 481
MD5 Digest: 6EA5AE3F12698BA2E1825CEDD6DC08E8
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Category: MBS Webcasts -> Dynamics SL
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Description: Accurate cash accounting requires instant access to your company's current cash balance; efficient cash accounting requires an automated bank reconciliation process. Microsoft Solomon Cash Manager provides the tools needed for fast, efficient and accurate information on you rcash accounting process. Its subsidiary modules such as Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payroll, and Accounts Payable update Cash Manager when batches are released, keeping your cash information up to date.Join this webcast for an overview of the Cash Manager module and find out how you can help manage multiple cash accounts, conduct cash flow forecasts, reconcile bank accounts, and much more.

Presenter: Brian LaMee, Product Specialist, Microsoft Business Solutions

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