30 August 2015
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Name: Search String Analyzer v1.0.3.11  Start download
Author: Csiák-Sedivy Gyula   Send e-mail  
Date: 05/07/2005
First release: 23/06/2005
Size: 434.8 KB
Downloads: 922
MD5 Digest: 40886920134681583A0480F804901FB0
Category: General downloads
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Description: This is a simple, but useful tool of seeking a specified substring in one directory, which holds lots of text files.

I've written this tool in use of localization and error seeking in text object files

Please send me an email, if you like it

New version
I put some new search options in this tool. Now you can decide if you want to search in the lines of the file or in the whole file only.

You can use a NEW Search String Assembler to set a special search string, that is in the text or not in the text...

Hope you will like this new version.
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