3 September 2015
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Name: Update Item Cost Entry Point  Start download
Author: Alex Chow   Visit website  
Date: 30/01/2008
Size: 3.3 KB
Downloads: 605
MD5 Digest: D30B9AFC6B97E12CFD59029EE9897D49
Category: Forum Discussions
Description: This process changes your historical item costing data to per Item&Variant&Location after you upgrade from 3.x and 4.x to 5.0.

As of this release, the upgrade toolkit automatically changes your Avg. Cost Calc. Type to Item, irregardless of what you set before.

It's possible that MSFT will release a patch to address this, but in the mean time, this will hold you over.

You will need to run the adjust cost process after this is done; which will take a while.

This file is uploaded as support for the thread [SOLVED] 5.0 Upgrade Toolkit bug? [WARNING!!!!].
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