4 September 2015
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 Christmas Menu for 3.70 + AutoJukebox + Joke speaker
This is part of the Christmas menu contest 2005. ...
19/12/20052.57 MB755
 Christmas Contest
This is my contribution. ...
19/12/20052.38 MB801
 Navision Xmas-fin.exe (4.01)
I have changed the Menubitmaps 10-15. ...
17/12/20052.09 MB1015
 FilterAsYouType Demo
2 video demos to show "filter as you type" feature. ...
30/06/20061.85 MB1107
 Inconsistence Detector
Sometimes, when accounting entries are made, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can present the following error message ...
02/03/2015869.7 KB150
 Index Hinting Whitepaper
Since update 6 Microsoft Dynamics NAV has enabled index hinting by default. ...
01/10/2007561.1 KB1377
 NAV2013 technical update to NAV2013R2 objects
These are the objects that you need for a technical update from NAV2013 to NAV2013R2 (W1). ...
09/08/2014190.9 KB116
 InstallScript Navision W1 4.0 SP2
This InstallScript_NavisionW140SP2.exe program performs a unattended installation of Microsoft Navision W1 4.0 SP2. ...
21/08/2006174.6 KB966
 Add New Field in Tracking Specification
I believe that this is the missing part...
07/09/201176.1 KB504
 Fob Backup
The Fob Backup utility will examine a fob file for the objects it contains. ...
18/07/200762 KB1002
 Navision Christmas Lights menu (3.70)
Some twinkling stars added on Navision's menu 3.70. ...
17/12/200515.4 KB766
 Totals in g/l entry form
This modification shows the debit and credit totals of the G/L Entries. ...
11/08/200513.8 KB1061
 Daily Invoicing report with G/L Disbursement
Daily Invoicing Report with the G/L breakdown at the end of the report.
14/03/200712.3 KB705
Simulation of wget command from within Navision; the ability to retrieve a remote file and save to local path. ...
07/04/20089.7 KB712
 Navision Performance Monitor Utility v1.0
This is a little utility that buffers results from the client monitor into categories by source object, function name, and table. ...
19/08/20059.2 KB1826
 Select Sales Report when printing [Navision]
This little modification allows you to choose between different reports when printing a sales quote, order etc. ...
15/09/20057.8 KB809
 Print the Total Page Number
small trick to print the total page number
29/05/20087 KB1893
 Running Job Queue through NAV Web service for Unlimited Companies
I had posted on mibuso a while back on how to use two NAS instances to run job queue for unlimited amount of companies. ...
30/01/20096.2 KB497
 Inventory Abnormal Posting Dates
Abnormal posting date entries happens when the Posting Date of the receipt/shipments of inventory is after the Posting Date ...
27/11/20075.1 KB977
 Extended file search
This is a working version of this thread ...
20/10/20064.7 KB599
 Navision CurrentIndex sample
This fob file is uploaded as support for the thread ...
06/12/20044.6 KB1108
 Print dynamicaly selected columns in bold on report
This is a sample report that shows how you can print selected columns in BOLD based on code. ...
17/08/20094.6 KB789
 Send Customer Email (Navision)
This report allows you so send a report in HTML version to a selection of you customers. ...
03/10/20054.6 KB1896
 RecRef: GetBestKeyNo (Navision)
The function returns the index of the best key to use given the applied filters.
22/09/20053.8 KB910
 Update Item Cost Entry Point
This process changes your historical item costing data to per Item&Variant&Location after you upgrade from 3.x and 4.x to 5.0. ...
30/01/20083.3 KB606

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