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Microsoft Dynamics NAV W1 5.0 SP1

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This is a copy of the CsideClient & Doc directory taken from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV W1 5.0 SP1 product CD.

This release includes a significant amount of new application features and enhancements that will benefit existing partners and customers while attracting new customers.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 delivers the following:
• New and enhanced application functionality to support increased business productivity (see list of the new and enhanced functionality in the “Changes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 document” included in the release note).
• Even greater integration with other Microsoft products and technologies
• C/SIDE and technology improvements

For complete description of changes see the changes in included Microsoft Dynamics NAV 50 SP1 Change Doc.doc document.

Contents of the Cronus Demonstration License File

The Cronus Demonstration license file (fin.flf) that comes with the Product CD, offers many possibilities for demonstration of the product Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The license has serial number 000 and include granule 540. The license allows access to the entire base application and limited access to the development system. With this license:

You can:

- start 2 client sessions simultaneously on any platform
- create 2 companies
- start 2 instances of Navision Application Server
- unlimited number of Web Users
- unlimited number of Navision Employee Portal Users
- run with maximum 500 MB database size
- run with Microsoft Dynamics NAV native database or Microsoft SQL Server option
- run any language
- run all released functionality areas of the program, add-on products, local extensions and customizations in current and previous versions. This means that you can run, but not modify, all object types within the range 1 to 99,999,999.
- Run and modify: Table 18, Forms 21 and 22, Report 101, XMLPort 99,008,503 and 99,008,510
- Run, modify and create: Fields 99,990 to 99,999, Form 99,999, Report 99,999, MenuSuite 90

You cannot:

- Import objects in text format, except for Form and Report ID 99,999
- Make more than 4,000 transactions in a database. (One transaction is entering an action in the database. It can be one customer, posting an order, posting a worksheet, synchronizing one record and similar actions that is a COMMIT in the code.)
- Enter dates in other months than November, December, January and February


When running a country version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, e.g. Spanish version (ES), you should be aware of that the license must correspond with the country version that you have installed.
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