4 October 2015
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Mibuso.com Unique IDentifier

MUID is short for Mibuso Unique IDentifier, and is a new way to go directly to the info on this site.

Each Download, How To, Business Directory listing or Forum Topic has been given a unique ID.
Entering this ID in the MUID inputbox you find on every page, will bring you directly to the page containing the Download, How To, Business Directory listing or Forum Topic. So you don't need to go to the relevant section first, and browse your way through the available info.

When using the "SMS this title to a friend" option, this MUID will be present in the SMS-Message. The receiver of the message only needs to go to www.mibuso.com and type in the MUID, to find the information you have sent.

The Mibuso Unique IDentifier is a code of 4 characters (letters & digits, capitals only).

On the mibuso.com webpages, this MUID is displayed as MUID:XISI

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