28 August 2015
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Name: Online Training - NAV 4.0 - Development  Start download
Author: SpeedTeach a/s   Send e-mail  Business Directory listing
Date: 14/12/2007
Size: 124 KB
Downloads: 626
MD5 Digest: C4084761838B6AEF378B3E8FAAE0120A
Category: Dynamics NAV
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Description: The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills that are required to customize MS Dynamics NAV functionality and develop new solutions within the application.

What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

MS Dynamics NAV is a business solution that is designed for growing small and midsize business. In order to meet companys specific needs both applications can be customized.


SpeedTeach lets you learn the basics of MS Dynamics NAV online, which is the best solution of optimizing your learning process. Moreover, the course is available in two approaches: Conceptual Approach and Procedural Approach. You can choose one or even both approaches to gain the theoretical, demonstrational and the practical skills you need according to the applications structure (Conceptual Appro ach) and as a set of business processes with separate business tasks (Procedural Approach).

Course scope

Upon completion of this course you will know how to:

- Work with the user interface and data validation;
- Manage Postings;
- Manage Dimensions;
- Process Strings;
- Integrate with external applications.

You will also get acquainted with:

- The C/SIDE Development Environment;
- The Basic Application objects: Tables and Forms;
- The internal MS Dynamics NAV programming language C/AL;
- The extended application objects: Reports, Codeunits, Dataports, XML Ports and Menu Suites;
- The main integration technologies: C/FRONT, ODBC, Automation Server
Pricing Info: USD 499 for 3 months access
More Info: http://www.speedteach.com/CourseInfo.aspx?CourseId=c9b7a851-c5df-4351-9550-69c926b2b469
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