31 August 2015
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Name: ScanDirect Plus  Start download
Author: InfiniTek Corporation   Send e-mail  Business Directory listing
Date: 04/08/2008
Size: 11 KB
Downloads: 558
MD5 Digest: 2EFE2E63D01F591EF5DAA41FD6100093
Category: Dynamics NAV
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Description: What the "ScanDirect Plus" Module Offers Your Client
.Links external files, documents and URL's to NAV forms
.Scans external documents directly into NAV form and auto-links them
.Automatic creation of buttons and objects on NAV forms (saving time & $$$)
.Can delete, rename or open linked external files while remaining within NAV
.Works with prior NAV versions 3.xx and 4.xx or can convert to 5.xx upgrade
.Visual at-a-glance indications of attached files or links (push-pin, paper clips)
.Auto-prints documents associated with NAV forms, e.g. Spec Sheets, User Manuals, Terms and Conditions, MSPS requirements, Purchase Orders
Localisation Info: U.S. And Canada
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