4 September 2015
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Name: Multichannel  Start download
Author: K3 Business Solutions B.V.   Send e-mail  Business Directory listing
Date: 27/11/2008
Size: 494.5 KB
Downloads: 305
MD5 Digest: 5C69801E294D3D198B8FD9F03F9CFC44
Category: General products
Description: K3 has developed an enviable track record of delivering integrated store and head office retail solutions. Many leading retailers have benefited from our focused strategy of building solutions around a single application platform - Microsoft Dynamics.

With one application, we can simplify the solution architecture, eliminate duplication and reconciliation errors to present a single version of the truth that allows managers to get on with running their businesses. We've brought the same approach to multi-channel retailing.

Our store, mail order, e-Commerce, head office and fulfilment solutions are powered by the same proven Microsoft Dynamics technology.

The big benefits to our customers are:
- Rich customer experiences driven through the use of the latest technology
- All data is held once reducing duplication and errors
- One familiar Microsoft skill set is required across the channels
- The system is integrated in real time allowing powerful reporting and cross-channel processes

Whichever channel your customer chooses, they should benefit from information about their interactions through other channels. K3's multi-channel solutions are about understanding your customers as individuals and giving them the convenience of choosing when and where to deal with you. It's that level of detail that makes customers feel special and builds long term loyalty.
More Info: http://www.k3l.nl/en-US/Products/Multichannel.aspx
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