29 August 2015
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Name: agilesWorkflow - A better implementation  Start download
Author: agiles Informationssysteme GmbH   Send e-mail  Business Directory listing
Date: 10/12/2010
Size: 241.8 KB
Downloads: 332
MD5 Digest: 8824A5228E1CE0EF4EFB91D46E2853B7
Category: Dynamics NAV
Description: Help your employees through the implementation process and reduce overall training costs by using Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV agilesWorkflow.
agilesWorkflow guides the users through the organization's processes and their tasks, helping them to learn new procedures faster.
Find out how you can get:
. System integrity from day one
. Save overall implementation time and cost
. Reduce customization
. Better control of your entire business
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