2 September 2015
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Name: Jet Reports Launcher  Start download
Author: Dynamics NAV Addons   Send e-mail  Business Directory listing
Date: 25/06/2009
Size: 814.4 KB
Downloads: 444
MD5 Digest: 7B20D421E97EF23CA5E00C992C422447
Category: Dynamics NAV
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Description: Launch any Jet Report automatically from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV with one easy click.

. Show and Run Jet Reports on Your Dynamics NAV Menu
. Password Protect Certain Reports
. Group Reports by Functional Area

The easy to use setup gives users the ability to setup a list of reports that will show up under the different modules' Reports sections.

You can specify on-the-fly parameters, for example whether or not the reports should run automatically or show the option window, if the user should select the data source, and where the report sits on the file system. In addition, you can password protect reports so that only certain users can run them from the menu.

Launching reports, including End of Period procedures, then becomes as simple as opening up your Microsoft Dynamics NAV menu and clicking on the report your want to run!
More Info: http://www.dynamicsnavaddons.com/jet-reports-launcher.html
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