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Automated Version Management

Vjekoslav Babic  
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This is a simple utility which will enable automated version management on any Microsoft Dynamics NAV database on SQL Server 2005.

Whenever a user saves an object in Object Designer (or imports objects from a FOB file), this utility will create a object history entry together with all object information (including BLOB). Using this utility you can see all of the version history for any object, and also choose which of the saved versions is the active version of the object (the one which is available in Object Designer).

The utility consists of a fob file, the text version of the fob file, an SQL Server script file, an instructions file and a disclaimer. Fob file contains two forms and a table. The form 94092 Object Versions is used to give an Object-Designer-Look-And-Feel overview of the changes history of any object modified since the utility was installed. The SQL Server script file contains a trigger which executes against Objects table on insert or update, and maintains the history of objects so that any change ever done to any object is persisted for future reference or use.

Known limitations:
- It doesn't store initial versions of the objects. This will be added later.
- It doesn't work with "native" Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Server or database files
- It doesn't keep true user name (it just lists either DBO or application role name)

This file is provided AS IS, with no warranties, and confers no rights. You can use it only on your own responsibility.
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