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CodeGenius Studio 2007 (Build 3.1.2784.12913)

Gerard Robbertsen  
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The Next Generation of CodeGenius Tools

Sleek New Look...
CodeGenius Studio 2007 is the next step in Dynamics NAV development. It has enhanced features in almost every area. And ... it looks sleek too.

Enhanced Everywhere...
The great features of previous versions remain and have been enhanced. Indenting, commenting, templates, CodeSmart, you name it and it has been modified. Configuring CodeGenius Studio is easier than ever with an intuitive UI and handy features, you can put CodeGenius Studio to your own hand.

Rebuilt from Ground Up...
CodeGenius Studio 2007 was built from the ground up. No code was re-used. Everything has been re-written in C# using the latest technologies.

Backup and Restore...
Making a backup and restoring your configuration was not available in previous versions. I have implemented a backup and restore option in CodeGenius Studio 2007.

More Configurable. .
CodeGenius Studio 2007 is more configurable than ever. You can change all of the features. An example of this is CodeSmart. It was a static function library that contained all the Dynamics NAV methods and properties. They were stored in CodeGenius and you could not add, remove, or change anything. CodeGenius Studio 2007 comes with a fully loaded library of all the Dynamics NAV methods and properties that you can modify from within CodeGenius Studio. You can add other - handy - methods, snippets, keywords, or ever templates! Code Templates in CodeGenius Studio 2007 can fully integrate with CodeSmart. You can therefore make it possible to extend CodeGenius Studio 2007 the way you want it!

New Features...
Ofcourse there are new features in CodeGenius Studio 2007 as well. Every now and then you need to program something with colors. Dynamics NAV does not have any easy way to select a color and give you the colorcode in integer format for the code editor. You always need to go somewhere else to obtain that code. CodeGenius Studio 2007 has added the Color Hotkey. The setup is located with the other hotkeys. When you press the hotkey in the editor window (or property window) you can select a color or even create a custom color and when you click OK in the color dialog CodeGenius Studio 2007 inserts the color code for you. Saving you lots of work once more!

Build 3.1.2784.12913:
• Issues regarding the pipe character (|) within templates.
• Editing of clients further improved so you can be more descriptive regarding the client names.
• Attempting to Create or Modify a client would crash systems running Windows XP. This issue did not occur on Windows Vista.
• Improved Drag and Drop support for Configurations.
• Clients can now be edited manually giving you more flexibility.
• Further improvements toward the import of CodeGenius 2.0 settings (only import the sections that you want).

Build 3.0.2774.11257:
• Automated login: when starting Dynamics NAV, CodeGenius Studio will automatically log you in.
• Pipe character (|) supported once again. This feature somehow was left out during the move to CodeGenius Studio 2007.
• Import from CodeGenius 2.0 (and older versions) implemented. This allows you to import all your settings to CodeGenius Studio 2007.
• Added the Quick User Guide to the installer. (This is why the download size almost doubled)
• Updates for international keyboard layouts. (So called deadkeys)
• When you set the port number to 0 the Dynamics NAV configuration does not use the port number in the startup parameters.

Build 3.0.2756.16729:
• Improved Check for Updates and Download functionality within CodeGenius Studio 2007
• Installer issue regarding base settings of CodeSmart
• Improved template window making it easier to enter your tags and accepting with Enter
• Special keys (so called deadkeys) should function as intended
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