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Company Copy v1.5

Emiel Romein  
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Copy data between companies in your database comfortably with this cutie made for Navision 3.70 (and higher).

Use this cute little tool to copy any field from any table between companies. This tool can by use in combination with Navision 3.70 (and higher).

New Functionality:
Possible to add a table ranges.
Add all fields of all tables using only one function.
Validate OnInsert Trigger.
Validate OnModify Trigger.
No field-exist-error when function "add all fields from this table" is used.
Shortcuts added and changed (for the better).
Number of records added to table list.
Number of records added to copy definition.
Table caption in table list added (non visible)
Field caption in field list added (non visible)
Access the copy setup form from the template list.
Ability to hit the copy command from template form.
Created, modified, skipped status after copy.
Created, modified, skipped status on copy progress window.
Overall progress bar on copy progress window.
Table relation per field (Non visible).
Commit after every table copy.
Skip copy record when both companies have the same number of records. To boost performance.
Log changes in standard Navision Changes log when tables included in setup.
Num of recors in table.

Calculation Field Order.
Disabled fields not includes in fields add functions.
Disabled fields not longer visible in field lookup.
All linked records are deleted if a template is deleted.
Field No. column add to field list.
Rename field validate to validate field.
Not every record is inserted anymore, first check if record exists. To Boost Performance.

Enjoy, but keep control!
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