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I Love NAV - Enhanced Notes v2.01

Matt Traxinger  
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The Enhanced Notes add-in is designed as a replacement tool for creating notifications in the NAV Role Tailored Client.

In addition to the standard NAV Notification functionality, this tool also allows you to send notes to multiple users at the same time as well as enter notes without drilling down into the card or document page. More additions are planned.

Please note that the automatic installation will only work with a NAV 2009 R2 database as it utilizes DotNet variables. As such this add-in has only been tested for NAV 2009 R2, but it should also work for NAV 2009 and NAV 2009 SP1 if you are willing to do a manual implementation.

Watch a demo here:

Due to a lack of time on my part I am submitting the full source code for the NAV and C# portions of the solution. Unfortunately due to a laptop failure the .NET portion is simply decompiled from the v2.0 dll files, so you may have to "put it back together."

I hope that someone can keep the solution going and maintain it, even build one for NAV2013 and future versions. All that I ask is that if you do use any of the provided code that you continue to make the solution available for free and promote along with it.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
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