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Inspector v3.10

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First release
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You can:
- Open and view FOB, TXT, XML and FBK files
- Open 3 files per session
- Compare Objects
- Filter objects
- Generate object filters
- Get Object Totals per file
- Marking objects
- Sorting objects
- Split/Join Objects
- Quick view an object in a large TXT file
- View Table Keys
- View Table Fields
- View Object Documentation
- View Object Functions
- Export to MS Excel
- Export to Clipboard
- Export Documentation Lines (TXT-Only)
- Export Unique Version List codes
- Delete Objects
- Copy Objects
- Paste Objects from:
> Object Designer
> Code Coverage
> Import Worksheet
> MS Excel
> Inspector
> Other... (TAB separated)

- All NAV Objects Compatible!
- All NAV Files Compatible (Exluding flf)!
- 64-bit systems can't sort and mark objects!

Enjoy the Inspector!

"To make work easier"

For suggestions please contact me...!

Version v3.10
- NAV 2013 Query Object support

Version v3.04
- Option 'View > Functions' added (window shows object functions incl. code!)
- Option 'View > Fields' added (window with all table fields)
- Option 'View > Documentation' added (window shows object documentation)

- Minor bugs solved

Version v3.03
- Join Folder (File > Join Folder)
- Contact option added (Extra > Contact)

- Filter/Search problems solved
- Old TXT-files reproduce an error during documentationtrigger export

Version v3.02
- Automatic Filtering function added Tools > Automatic Filter
Note: Don't use this in RDP or VPC windows!
- Split-up the generated filters (Make Filter) in aceptable filter length!
- Button TableData added
- Copy the current selected cell value (button)
- F2 functionality added (cursor moving)
- F7 Column Filter added (like NAV)
- Option 'View > Key' added (window with all table keys)

- Automatic select the first Object when do a list action
- Group 'When close this window' in 'Set Filter' removed
- Buttons 'Set Filter' and 'Marked Only' moved to menu View
- 'Get Object Totals' moved to menu View

- Exceeded array index during Export Documentation Lines
- Back-up error when switching Object Type
- The Inspector stay minimized after an export or something else

Version v3.01
- Setup restrictions removed (no Inspector changes!)

Version v3.00
- Compare Options added!
- Quick Search string in objects (TXT-Only)
- Drag & Drop multiple files into the Inspector
- Get Company names from a back-up file
- Show TableData objects in list (FBK)
- Log Recent Files
- Copy objects with CTRL+C
- Tray Menu added
- Make Filter (To Clipboard)
- 'Import Clipboard' from added:
> Import Worksheet

- Menu Structure
- Import from Clipboard = Paste (CTRL+V)
- You must install the Inspector using the msi file

- Minor bugs solved

Version v2.12:
- Listed Objects will be processed (marking objects is only used for smart filtering)!
- Faster export objects to Excel
- 'Import Clipboard' from:
> Object Designer
> Code Coverage
> Excel
- Save Objects As (TXT only)
> This will save all listed objects in one new file or in seperated files (Object Splitter)
> Split objects and join objects in 1 step!
- Error solved when open a file in your text editor
- It's now possible to mark an object with a mouse click
- Some documentation lines are missing during the export
- Column widths are all adjusted (and bold) in Documentation Export
THANKS for reporting these bugs!

Version v2.11:
- Menu Session added with file options:
> Copy full file path name to Clipboard
> Open File Location
> Open File in
> Save As...
> Get All Unique Versions
> Get All Documentation Lines (TXT only)
- Quick view one object in 'your own text editor' by a 'Double Click' on a line (TXT Only)
- 'Check for Updates' function added

- Some list-lines are not objects

Version v2.10
- Faster loading:
Loading a 125 MB FOB file:
> Old version: 14 seconds
> New version: 7 seconds!
- Settings window added
- Advanced filter window added (Button: 'Set Filter')!
- Sort list by collumn click!
- Double click to view whole object in text (Text file only)
- Shortcut's visibility (Press CTRL and see what's happen)
- Window with object counts (Button: Get Totals)
- Open files will be shown under menu 'File > Current Session' (full-path)
- Menuitem 'Reset' changed to 'Reset sessions'
- Menu 'Help' changed to 'Extra'
- Share function added
- About window added
- 64-bit version included

- No more "Error allocating memory" errors!!! (New procedure to read entire file)
- After reset session the last opened file cannot be open again.
- When maximizing the Inspector the file labels doesn't grow.
- Export outputs not correct when using the combination of CTRL+F1 and CTRL+M
- When resizing the inspector, the collumns doesn't resize

Version v2.04
- Save selection in export to Excel & Clipboard.
- Buttons moved.
- 'DROP' box removed.
- 'Reporting bug' removed.
- 'Show blog' removed.

- Reset will not reset number of objects.
- Sometimes inspector will crash during export to excel or clipboard.
- Quicker start-up the inspector.
- Canceling Excel or Clipboard export was not possible.
- Some other minor bugfixing (code improvements & clean-up)

Version v2.03
- possible to remove objects temporarily (DEL & Undo with "Reset records")

- Error Allocating Memory solved by opening a big FBK file
- Missing objects in NAV 2009 TXT files (Role Tailored Client .NET code)
- And again: some minor bugfixes

Version v2.02
- Only active hotkeys when Inspector is active
- Long file names was not visible (solved with a tooltip)
- Windows 7 (filterbox was to small and not centered)
- Some other minor bugfixes.

- Columns are drag-able
- Several shortcuts (To Excel, Make Filter)

Version v2.01
- "Make Filter" was not working in version v2.00
- Export to Excel and Clipboard bug solved (performance is now fast)
- Show Object Details in the result of "Make Filter"

Version v2.00
- Unmark and mark Objects with the hotkey CTRL+F1 (as in the NAV Object Designer)!
- Multi-line selection (as in the NAV Object Designer)!
- Default show "All" Objects when opening a file.
- "Save List" removed. (You can use Excel or Clipboard for it).
- File loading speed is doubled!
- Smart & Fast reading TXT files!
- Faster switching between Object Types
- Faster fill Excel sheet!
- Faster fill Clipboard!

- Performance updates (see new)

Version v1.30
- Copy selected objects to clipboard (button "To Clipboard")
- Export only the selected objects to MS Excel
- Columns selector added during export to MS Excel and Clipboard.

- Last pipline character in "Create Filter" removed.

Version v1.20
- Reads XML Object File (Only types: Form, Report, Page)
- Export to Excel added
- Wait cursor added when busy

- Remember selected items when change Object Type selection.
- "Safe List" will export all objects now
- Some minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version v1.10
- You can read back-up files (*.fbk).
- Minor bugs solved
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